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Marti and I met HERE on TEN years ago, she was running a county health center and I reprocessed Big Rigs for a living. One day, Marti sent me a wink, I responded, and we talked for a couple of months on line.. I decided that I would take the chance and travel to California (I lived in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan) to meet Marti in person.. I reprocessed 2 trucks and delivered them, then delivered a recycle truck to Vancouver B.C. and from there traveled the 900 miles down to California in my pickup to take her to dinner for her birthday!..With 10 minutes to spare I picked her up for dinner and we NEVER have been without each other since... I bought a rig we traveled together on the road for 3 years and then we moved here to Florida where we have been for the last 7 years... SO folks... There IS hope for ALL of you out there no matter HOW FAR APART your soulmate may be from you, put the effort forward.. "Anything worth having, is worth working for" Best of luck to you all, God bless Wally and Marti

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