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For the protection of and privacy of the other party in this storey, I will refer to my Biker Kiss partner as Cdc.

We found each other, via the Biker Kiss web site on September 30 2005.

We chatted on the Biker Kiss site for 3 weeks, then exchanged private email addresses and we both emailed each other directly, additionally we had twice daily MSN conversations of 2 to 3 hours duration until January 4 when she flew half the way around the world to meet me.

The Biker Kiss website profile was a great catalyst to bring together two bikers on opposite sides of the planet.

By bring together, I mean that we exchanged some 2,500+ pages of MSN in the first 3 months of knowing each other and this lead to the next step, a proposed meeting.

Cdc had never flown before. At 48 she was a very brave soul to get on a flight out of Alaska with a destination of Perth Western Australia, almost the most distant location from her home town.

I met Cdc at Perth International Airport on January 4th 2006 and it felt as if we had known each other forever. Cdc stayed at my home in Perth for a few days before we set off on a tour, first North to the beautiful township of Kalbarri and then South to see the great Margaret River district, famous for its vinyards and spectacular coastline.

Cdc and I had an amazing journey, one from being total strangers on opposites sides of the planet, to being soul mates in each others arms......and more.

At the end of Cdcs' 4 week visit she decided to live with me, however she had children back in Alaska who needed her support so Cdc returned to Alaska with the intent to return permanently 5 months later.

You are no doubt thinking ......what a fantastic fairy tale story.

Well it was until 2 months after Cdc left Perth I became unwell, the doctors diagnosis was that tests pointed towards it being cancer.

Now the fairy story takes a turn for the illness was too much for Cdc to handle and she took the easy route out by initiating a new relationship with a biker in Alaska.

I have recovered from my illness and tests now show that the potentially life threatening condition is now in remission and I am living life to the full again. Thanks to Biker Kiss, in the last week I have made new friends in the USA and New Zealand and look forward to great times ahead.... this time with someone who can not only love, but will stay around when the going gets tough.

I do not regret any of the time I committed to my relationship with Cdc....we had a brilliant time together, thanks to Biker Kiss who brought us together.

So to all you guys and gals out there..... Biker Kiss is the one and only site to let you find a biker soul mate.

I recommend that you take out Premium Membership and you will never look back. There are many, many good bikers out there wanting to be together with like minded mates who want to live life to the full.


Western Australia
November 2006