There Can be only One! #Dating
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Not a "Fox News Alert".... just the way things turned out..... Hey, This Gal kept bugg'in me with all these "Winks" and Stuff.... What's a guy to do, So I actually "Joined" the Damn Site! We Messaged each other on site, after about a week.... It Escalated, Now She wants to E-mail Me... says it'll be Easier that way, LOL! So, I gave in... Sent her my E-mail, Well, That lasted about another Week.... go figure! THEN it was... Maybe we should "Text".... She say's, It'll be Faster that way.... YEP, I gave'er my Cell #.... We Texted.... THEN, "Talked" for another Two Weeks, So Now.... I'm just waiting for the other Shoe to Drop.... It Did, LOL! She invites me for a Meet & Drinks, I figured "What Tha Hell" She's only 70 Mi.... That's a "Walk in tha Park" Ride! Plus.... She Caught Me at a Weak Moment, LMAO! So, Guess What I Did... You Got It, Last Friday afternoon I Rode up to "Graceville Fl." to Meet "TAMI".... Never heard of the place before, But I went there! Well.... I can't remember having a Better Time, even if She Did Whip My Ass at Pool.... Shameful, LOL! "SUNDAY MORNING" (LMAO!) We decided we'd Ride to "The Outpost" We met Her girlfriend There, Susan... so Tami could Ride with Me & Susan could take her home. We had a couple of Beers, shared some Laughs, took a Pic. or two & talked.... a few hours later, I knew that if I didn't Go Then.... I probably Wouldn't Go, LOL! But, we walked to my Scooter, Hugged & Kissed each other, Not Good-Bye.... But See Ya Soon.... And We Will! Bank On It!

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