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  • View author's info Posted on Sep 20, 2006 at 12:32 PM

    is it possible to fall in love with somebody over the internet and phone without even meeting them in person first.i'd like male and female views on this topic.
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    No, you need to meet the person.
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    Yes, I believe its possible, cause in a way it happened to me..But like all the others posted, please be careful. I fell hook, line, and sinker for a guy I met online, and due to current things going on in my life, I wanted to believe him, and I wanted to love. I felt all the warm, fuzzy, school girl, sparks flying, feelings and I think thats what fooled me. Needless to say, he was a warped player, funny thing is that he was a dude I wouldn't normally be attracted to, but he had a hell of a story, and a damn good salesman..O well, yes, I do believe it can happen, just buyer beware..lol..Good luck and never give up on Love.
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    Infatuation is sometimes confused with love. You can be totally compatible with someone online, my suggestion is watch for red flags, which everyone should be doing, and live by "Trust but Verify". Take it slow, protect yourself, but open to possibilities. Not everyone has a bad experience.
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    It does happen sometimes. But, the other person is not always what they put themselves up as. Even talking on the phone people can lie. That is why, if your starting to feel that way you should try and set up a met. Then you go from there.

    good luck if that is what your going to do:)
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    Well here goes, Its a fantasy world of sorts. Although I still believe in Love.
    I know from first hand experience. I met my second wife in chat room and we talked on the phone as well as instant messages/e-mailed back and forth for about 2.5 months before meeting and we thought we were in love all along so we got married 4 months later..nightmare.
    Of course this totally depends on the persons motives, attitudes and the degree in which they have recovered from the prior abuses in there lives. Both persons must be over any other relationship completely. I was on the rebound from my first marriage, and my second wife was probably never gonna get over what her former spouse did to her. The other major issue is that we really never took the time to really test weather we had the same interests but hard to do when she says yes I like to do that but after the honeymoon refuses to take part in the same activities...like going out in public.
    That is very confusing. So let me say this be very , very careful, go in with eyes wide open. Don't be afraid to build trust in caring ways, check out the persons stories, listen for discrepancies. Heck maybe I was just taken for a ride but I remember her saying the we had lasted the longest of the 5 couples that had met at the same time(5 years). Second marriages have a greater rate of failure to begin with so one needs to be really extra careful that your dealing with an upfront person. I probably should have said this up front....you need to look into the others eyes, hear the voice inflections and see thier mannerisms to know if your getting the real deal.
    I would agree I was somewhat reckless in seeking my second mate and it has cost me dearly......relationships can be very emotional and all of us want to be loved in some way so we sometimes get into a hurry....my advice to me and you is slow down, care about yourself as well as the other person. Remember there are not many slam dunks in Love, Cowbow Wayne
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    It is your "image" of them that you fall in love with, you know that person YOU think they are. What ever happened to old fashioned DATING. And I don't mean for a dew weeks. A marriage is meant to be a life time committment. Can you really believe after a few weeks or even months, that you know this person well enough to sign a lifetime contract?
  • View author's info Posted on Oct 27, 2006 at 06:53 AM

    No. The snippet of the person that comes across online can be quite attractive but it is just a wedge of the complete person. You can be seriously "in like" with a person you've only chatted with, but until you gone to real emotional levels - physical contact, social nuances that only pop up through that intimacy, flesh against flesh even, you can't truly "love". To love is to know the soul, the spirit, and the physical reality. Chatting is a clue, a roadmap perhaps. Not the destination.