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    So I would like to know how many people have put an artical on bikekiss .com and was promised to reseve a PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP if they wrote an article . I've wrote two articals and this makes three who do these people think they are . When we put are thoughts and feels out there for the whole world to read. Thinking we had something coming for the time we put into the articals that we posted on this site well we just got lied to all they want is are articals and story's but I believe that this is nothing more then a internet scam to draw people like us to put are life story's out there to read . I think I've been lied to just for their gain so if you ask me we've been scamed. By another internet scam artist. Just when you think that you've found the perfect dating site for us bikers. But the truth is all they want is your money and amusement just to gain new members so they can rob them blind . I'm glad I tried this site out before I told my friends this site is not worth lossing my friends over I'm from the old school and from Missouri so show me I've been dealing with people like you all my life and I've got only one thing to say to the people from . SAY WHAT YOU  MEAN AND MEAN WHAT YOU SAY and stop lying to people

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     on facebook that isI,m a bad girl you wanna talk you,ll get me there and you,ll see my photo and definitely no ugly bitch

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    I don't think OP has a scarey selfie!


    This, like all dating sites, limit access until the cash is forked over.  The servers do not run themselves.


    I think perhaps many articles have to be written in order to get a Premium Membership.  I would read the Terms of Service and see if the number necessary is mentioned.

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    that is THEE scariest SELFIE EVER!!!


    : l


    but regarding the nature of your article...yeah dude..that sux!!