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    I find the broad 200 mile radious search on bikerkiss makes it almost impossible to connect with anyone on the site.  The amount of time one needs to spend to go through the multiple pages of avaialable members is over whelming.  I do not have a PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP so I am speaking only of the free membership. 
    I did write to bikerkiss discussing this issue, I am waiting for a response.  Has anyone out there had any success in connecting with someone or are you experiencing the same issue?
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    Hi Debbie
    having the same problem in the UK as well, most of the women I have tried to contact have not been on the site for over a month (in fact there are only two within my age range who are active and I've contacted them both to no avail).  I have also emailed Bikerkiss and have had no response whatsoever.
    It's a shame the pond is between us, you are cute and I would certainly ask you out if I lived closer.