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    Plus I also like brisk cool weather rides and thanGould for highway pegs and cruise cause my poor Hand gets tired. No hands is fun too. Love scenic highway 7 in the ozarks
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    I love riding with a lady on pillion, it is comforting and soothing, and it also makes me more aware of my responsibilities to keep her safe, and more critical of my own roadcraft. It is also most important that you choose with care the type of road that you ride, as I dicovered last month when I had the privilege of touring what is referred to as Australia's Alpine Region with a lovely lady who I met through this website. As you might imagine, an Alpine region is mountainous, and therefore the roads are appropriately challenging, with some sharp turns, steep ascents and descents, and short, sharp bursts of speed along the straights. My friend has a habit of using her thighs to aid her grip on the pillon seat, and might I say, she can exert a powerful grip, usually when approaching a technically difficult corner at speed.
    Now there is no known antidote for the standard male physiological response to the merest suggestion of squeezed female thighs, and as the blood drained from my brain on successive occasions through a series of "S" bends in order to facilitate this most basic of male responses, thereby impairing my thought processes with regard to controling the bike, I realised I should abandon my attempt at being a Two-up Casey Stoner and stick to straight roads. Trouble is, she doesn't squeeze her thighs on straight roads!

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