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    Are you open minded to someone who is honest, and tells you he has or is in a an MC? Or do you stereotype them, and imagine a criminal, a Norse invader, looking to carry you off, over his shoulder, to his dark hut, looking to do unimaginable things to you? Now, I accept the possibility that some may secretly, or not secretly, find this exciting. But, my main question is whether you will accept the fact that he may be just a decent, fun loving guy, who joined the club for the brotherhood, and sense of family. I am not speaking necessarily of the 1%, involved in organized crime, who must kill someone to finally get their center patch. Altho' I have to say, that in my own experience, I have had many times where I have partied with many of these clubs, and met many a fine brother, as by and large, most of them were Not required to kill someone, only the peeps being groomed for certain duties must. Still, I would caution to always show respect, and you will have a good, safe time. 
    I won't go into any specifics about my club years here, such as the name and such. Only to say that it was started in the military, and grew into something much bigger, and that I spent 18 great years as an active member before retiring. It is a club based on family, and the joy of riding. There is no organized crime machine, and a Brother is responsible for his own actions. Over the years I held many positions, including being one of the very top group for many years, it helped me to become a better man, not to mention the best times of my life, and for most of those years I was married, and never stepped outside that bond. 
    So, my main point is this, I am sure there are many great guys with club affiliations, whether as a hang-around, a full patch, past member, or retired fellow like me. I still love to get out and ride, party, and just plain hang out with my family.
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    Most people are afraid when they see a patch holder for an mc .But the real truth is. That Hollywood has painted a ugly picture for years about local mc patch holder's . But if you ever get the chance to sit down and talked to a patch holder for mc . Then you'll see that their just pepole who work a 9 to 5 jobs and have family's just. like you do. So let me ask you would you stand up for your family if had too. And I'll bet your answer was yes and you would do anything

    no matter the cost. Because your family means everything to you. So your local mc are nothing more then a family who looks out for each other and takes care of their own. Not all .MC are bad because I do know this to be true. Because i was headed to a bike rally and ran out of gas stuck out on the interstate for a hour or two and I knew that noone was going to stop and help a biker out so I started pushing my bike I must of pushed her a mile or so and with every step I took I was causing everyone who passed me by. But I wasn't going to leave my girl sitting on the side of the road. I was just about to give up on going to the rally but then I heard the sound of thunder and getting loader tell they came into view. There must of been 20 or more bikes coming my way you could here then down shifting and pulling over. It wasn't tell then that I knew it was a motorcycle club. I won't name names but it was a very well known motorcycle club. They took gas from their own bikes to put into mine and made sure I made it to the station. My weekend was saved. so the next time you see a brother stuck on the side of the road stop and give them a hand because this could be you someday.            SO PLEASE SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL .MC.                                          

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    There are many people today who don't fully understand what a Brotherhood is. Yes, there are those who ride life on the edge and tempt the law on a daily basis, but this is not the majority of those who ride on two wheels.  However, no matter what it is that clubs do or get into, there is one thing that is equal amoungst them all, and that's the Brotherhood that's the glue that holds them all together, a code of conduct much akin to that of the Military in many ways. It's the same for the Sisters who ride either in their own club or as a Lady of an organization. Not only are the men steriotyped, so are the woman. There are those who automatically label a woman who rides in a very low manner. Yes, there are road tramps out there that don't follow the code, but that is not the majority of the women who ride be it on their own or with someone else. Steriotyping is the way of society, and until they meet someone who rides first hand and learns what a good person that individual is, they'll always stick them into a catagory. I have rode for years with and without rockers on my back. I loved the life of both and have no regrets. I've meet some great people, made wonderful friends, and felt a comradery that can only be equaled to my time when I was on active duty.

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    Honestly, I prefer an MC member.  But it's not a must.  A woman looking for that type of man must be aware of how that world works, even for the men who don't have to do "tough" jobs to get the center patch.  Also how respect and order works in that world.  But I love the aspect of brotherhood and family.

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    Well, I started this topic under the forum area that says "write a story and get a free PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP". I not only felt that I must have fulfilled the requirement, due to the fact my topic and writing was as good as, or in many cases, better than others. It was also true and heartfelt. However, that's apparently not the case. There was nothing on the 1st page to let anyone know any different, or to explain the requirements. I had to go looking for my topic when it didn't show up where the most recent ones are, wondering if it wasn't good enuff. And if it didn't show up then I reckoned for sure I would not be seein' that PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP.