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    I have heard the pros and cons about women with tattoos. Although it seems to be more openly accepted today then it was many years ago. When I first got my tattoo's, they were on my arms. In the 80's that wasn't a popular thing for women to do, and even rare. If they did get tattoos they were usually small and dainty, where mine were bold and gained attention. So what do you think about a woman with tattoos? Do you think they should be dainty and petite pieces, or do you like seeing a woman who enjoys ink and has more bold forms of artwork placed upon them? What's your views on women who sport sleeves or half-sleeves? I believe a tattoo tells a story, it's a symbol of something that transpires in your life or a depiction of something you love or enjoy. All my tattoos have a history attatched to them, and so far the only tattoos I have are on my arms. If you're a woman, show off your ink!

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    To each is own... your body, do it your way... My preference is petite and dainty... just my preference, not a deal killer, just what I like.


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