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    I've always held a fondness for mountain regions & would love to tour the Appalacians. I've seen some video footage of some of the passes and mountain roads and it's just breath taking.
    I live in Toronto, Ontario and have limited vacation time. I would like to start planning for this trip. I'll be heading out in the end of July 2014 and if my boss is in a good mood when i ask, i might get 3 weeks to tour around.
    It would be ideal to have a few buddies come with me cuz riding with friends is always more fun, but i'll go it alone if need be.
    If anyone in the East USA or Appalacia is willing to lend a couch or even a floor to crash on, that would be super awesome (i'll cook ya breakfast for lettin me crash).
    And of course, anyone who wants to joing me on the road is more than welcome as long as you don't do wheelies and other stupid moves on the public roads. As much as i appreciate the skill of trick riding, there's a time & place for that.

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    After spending a bit of time on Google Maps, and seeing some youtube videos, I've decided my route will be primarily Skyline Drive, Blue Ridge Parkway, and then over to ride the Tail of the Dragon, and a stay at the Deals Gap Motorcycle Hotel (among others of course). Being that sthe sped limits are low going down Skyline/Blue Ridge, i'll be doing an average of 300km per day in that stretch. From Toronto to The Dragon's Tail & back is about 3,500km and I will have between 2-3 weeks. hould be a nice easy cruise...until it's time to SLAY the DRAGON! Muahahaha!
    More details to follow closer to ETA.

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