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    In the Forum starting page, wouldn't it be more appropriate to put a "link" to the upcoming events, instead of the whole country, state-by-state, before you even get to the everyday messages. You might check upcoming events once a week, but ya gotta scroll thru it countless times a day.
    And while I got the virtual floor, nice pattern, by the way, as a paying PREMIUM MEMBER, I resent the fact that I can't give my e-mail address to someone, if I want, I'm not a child, and you're making enough money off these sites without having to use cheap tricks like that to get more subscriptions. The way things are now, you have to join if you want to e-mail someone, but so what if they can only answer thru biker kiss mail service, which even Biker Kiss has to admit, doesn't work right most of the time. I can't tell if my mail, 1>doesn't get sent because I tried to include my e-mail address 2>the other person just never got it 3>they decided not to answer it 4>the mail service just got messed up again and nothing got sent or received. I can see vulgarity being filtered, but my e-mail address isn't vulgar, I'm an adult(mostly), and I'm paying for a service. Quit using cheap porn site tactics on us!
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    grnidwitch write:
    It worked. Good job WH.

    Yeah, but I didn't get a free membership for it. My widdle feewings are hurt.
    Oh, it must be bliss to walk up onstage and accept that much-sought-after award, the free one week gold pass, a symbol of biker kisses Love for all it's members expressed in such an extravagant way. May Allah bless the camels you ride as a symbol of your superiority, and your wives, who only look like camels
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    It worked. Good job WH.
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    Well, I guess that's an answer to that suggestion