Riding Partner Friendship

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    Hi to all of you:

    You all are probably wondering why a guy in a stable realtionship is here looking for a riding partner or 2.

    1.   I work in a women dominated field and have found that it easier for me to comminicate with women.

    2.   Women like to ride for the sake of riding and not just bar to bar.

    3.   Women don't sit at stop lights and rev their engines thinking "look at me, look at me".

    5.   Women don't ride next to a women car driver and stare or make gestures.

    6.   Women will drag race once in awhile and don't get really pissed if they loose.

    7.   It is great to watch a women who has won the drag race..

    8.   Women usually don't fart, burp, pick their nose or scratch  their ass in public.

    9.   Women like to have a nice lunch not a quick snack at the gas station.

    10. If you want to stop at a antique store and look around they don't look ar you as if you are crazy.


    There are probably a few more reasons, but this is enough for now.

    All I am is looking for a riding partner.  I am old, short, fat and safe.  I am a good listener and only want to have a riding partner.  So give me a chance and we will have a few laughs together and great rides.


    Thank You for your time



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    Maryland....riding partners....Touch base and let's ride