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    Anybody know where I can get private riding lessons? I tried the gearing up course offered in ottawa but didn't work for me
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    Reese2006 write:
    Bender: Ummmm you know you left yourself wide open on the last comment on the knee pads.

    Yeah, I looked at it afterward and figured I might just have written a blank check with that one. LOL

    So what goes good with Nike?
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    Reese2006 write:
    And here I thought I could get you to take a vacation to Destin...lol Thanks for the well wishes. Can you upload some knee pads as well? ha

    Very tempting. I went to school in Pensacola years ago, and left with plenty of good memories of that area of FL! Waaaaaaay too much fun! LOL

    I'll see if I can find the knee pads when I get back to Oregon. Their a little scraped up if thats okay...can't imagine how that might have happened...
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    I know your anxious to get out on the street. But if you can lay your hands on a dirt bike and just go out and spend some time on that for a while doing some off-road rideing, you'll have the handling part down pat. After that the rest is easy.

    The best part is that dirt bikes are made to be dropped. :)

    Best of luck to you!
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    I agree with Chel, Your local Harley dealers offer courses, and the classes tend to be alot smaller then the ones offered by the collages. They use the buell blast motorcycle which is alot lower to the ground all of the ladies I know that took the class passed and had no trouble handling the bike, good luck, and you don
    t give up either Chel, keep tryin, you won
    t regret it !!!!!!
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    Had any luck on getting any "private" riding lessons? Best advice I can offer is patience, practice and persistence. Find your center of gravity when maneuvering bike around. The more you spend time on it the more comfortable you will be. Don't get discouraged - - it just takes time, patience, determination and practice. Find a big empty parking lot and work on turns (figure 8's) Ride until you're comfortable going one way then go the other way. You'll have lots of space to work and no one around (unless of course you can get a patient, knowledgeable person to come along and give you pointers and praise) Good luck! Ride Safe!
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    You might try calling your local HD dealership...some offer classes..I went to the local comunity college here in June and signed up for the class..I was really all geared up for this class..The problem I have is being a little person. The instructors knew that the smallest bike they had...a Honda 250 rebel..26 in in height...was still too tall for me but let me get on it anyway...I had a tough time holding the bike up since the feet didn't reach the ground and ended up dropping the bike 3x's that night...My confidence was totally blown..

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    learning to ride takes time, someone can give you a few pointers but the best way is to go somewhere out of the way and get to know the feel of you bike, and don't start with one that is to big for you, it will be harder to handle, start out slow and build confidance, good luck and ride safe.