How far are you willing to go to follow your dreams? To achieve your dreams

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    I am tryning to find out just how far people will go to follow their dream. Some go back to school, some move to far away places. Some wait until divorce and buy that perfect bike they wanted all along. How far will you go to follow you dreams?
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    i would go as far as the wild child
    Sometimes at night, the wild child cries
    listen real close & I'll tell you why
    She remembers a love, from long ago,
    but the love was fast & the hurt was slow,
    she remembers the chrome & the harley painted black
    she remembers the feel of her face on his back
    she remembers the night she answered the phone
    Her man was dead, She felt so alone
    she looked deep inside & decided right then
    to survive was wildness & in the wind
    she gives no answers to questions of why
    you can't tame her, many have tried
    she'll lift your hopes, then smash them down
    she has no scruples & knows no bounds
    deep inside, she's been scarred
    all escapes but 1 are barred
    she's never alone when she's at the bar
    1 look in her eyes & you know that she's hard
    she swore she'd never be hurt again
    instead of just 1 she'd rather love 10
    she faces the future, knowing wheres she's been
    & she'd never trade nothing for her IN THE WIND
    so leave her wild & contented she'll be
    for she's the wild child

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    As far as the Sun
    This is a story, for all not some,
    about a ship, flying to the sun
    About doing something, that aint been tried
    instead of just sitting & wondering why
    about having faith in a dream so true
    & not giving up on the things that you do
    some'll say your crazy & surely need help
    cause eveybody knows your ship will just melt
    but listening to others don't alwys pay
    for where theres a will theres always a way
    so if you have a dream don't give up the fight
    for your ship will make it, if you fly only at night.

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    Always had the dream of being somebody. So I left South Africa and moved to Australia. Wanted to be top of my game in computer field, so I left Australia for Silicon Valley, California. 16 years later I'm top of my game and own my own business. 6 Years ago, I wanted a Boss Hoss V8 bike. Got one last year and put 20,000 miles on it in my first year. I'm more or less happy with everything I got right now. Now I'm looking at early retirement so I can create more motorcycling adventures. The lack of butterflies in my tummy has me thinking...whats next dude...My 3 daughters are over 18 and starting their thing, I'm loving the biking lifestyle, I need to do that more. My business I can wind up or down and I'm not slaved to at I stand...with a great question on my mind...what the Hell do I want to do next...on my desk is a paper weight that says...WHAT WOULD YOU ATTEMPT TO DO IF YOU KNEW YOU COULDNT FAIL...
    I'm reflecting on that...great question sweetheart!
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    What a great question. It's funny that when I read it I thought about all the times I've been out riding and looked beside me at a red light. There would be a mini van with a family in it...three or four rowdy kids in the back yelling and screaming and carrying on...wife in the passenger seat yacking away about this and that...and the husband would look over with this lost look on his face...and I could so easily read his mind. He was thinking to himself "why didn't I buy the bike AND some condoms!!??" LOL Seriously though...once you have a family, that becomes your dream. My dream is to see my son grow up successful and graduate from a good college, and go on to live his life in whatever way he sees fit. How far will I go to see that dream come true? I work my arse off every day, put money into his college fund, and try to be the best father I can be. My dreams aren't over, I have ambitions and goals in my life. And I work to achieve those goals every day. Some may just be pipe dreams, but most will become reality because I want them badly enough. The most important thing is to limit your regrets, and maximize your enjoyment of life. Don't work so hard that your career becomes your life, but don't play so much that you lose focus of your career either. I hope everyone achieves their dreams.