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    We all know the old saying about opinions and yes,everyone has one. Here is mine. I realize that most of these surveys and forums are done in fun. However,in my opinion some of the questions you guys are asking make you appear as teenagers rather than adults and shows a total disrespect for the women you are asking them to. At the same time some of the replys make the women sound like sluts. Most any question can be ask and answered if done so in the right way but some things are meant to be private.For instance , a woman can offer me sexual favors private and be very sexy but if she yells this same offer across a crowded room then she appears as a slut. I am not trying to put a damper on anyones good times but guys, act like men rather than children and ladys no man wants a slut for more than a few days. Respect yourselves and each other..
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    Nodey lady, until you mentioned it I hadn't heard any gossip about it?
    I come from a small town where everyone knows each others business, Su*ks.
    You F@rt on one side of the town and everyone knows about it. Gossip Su*cks!
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    Yes you can!!
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    Ok fellas...a beer on me.But Mr Harley...seems someone thinks that not only do we have a beer...but we play spin the empty bottle afterwards.
    I can't figure out how drinking a friendly beer with someone somehow gets turned into us doing the nasty thing together.
    Can't a gal just have a beer with someone without it being turned into major event?????
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    Hey Char!
    That's one of those "law terms" I've learned hahaha
    Aw....don't GO!!! We all love your imput!
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    Hey I'll take one of them Dragon. I'm thinkin we can all just be kool, accept each other without judging and have a freakin beer and a smile!!
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    NODEY..Bud please..will you deliver ??..I agree , this has got way out of hand. I wish everyone would overlook all the rude comments and think about my original request
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    ~~LMAO!~~ at Happykitty's comment! Too funny! ;^)

    I may have to withdraw my "innocent comment" that I posted earlier cuz it may have been a lil' bit too soon to post it ... as far as the "everyone making amends" part went!
    I'm just the "bystander" like some of us in here (now I guess I'm involved) lol

    Have you people "personally met" and, were there bad vibes already?

    Life is just too damn short for the bad drama!
    It's not worth the loss of "Self Respect" to ANY person ... We've ALL been thru it and when it gets too far ... the knife is already too deep for the wound to ever heal properly ...
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    Okay, y'all just quit now. Y'all just hush and quit and git. Git on outside and play. I'll call y'all when it's supper time.

    And don't slam that dang screen door.
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    Anyone want a beer?
    Come on you guys,first round's on me?

    Truthfully,you all need to collect your respective selves and kiss and make up.I'm willing to let you all bash me if it will change the course of this thread!
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    Lovetoride..CONCUR..that is one of my favorite words.

    This is killing me to see my friends do this so now I make my choice...I will not visit this thread again.
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    You have something to say to me Angel? Take it to my email addy... I'll tell it to ya stright...
    I never mince words...
    And my example is stright up...
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    Teach through example was the party at Jerrys? Oh, nevermind...:)
  • View author's info Posted on Mar 30, 2005 at 09:48 PM

    Dragon...thank you for the apology! I do believe you are an honorable southern man, and I'm very proud to count you among my friends! :) Stay safe, Bro..and never ride faster than your Angel can fly! That would be me, in this instance. lol
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    Jimminy Crickets...
    this thing has gotten outta hand. I can't believe that this thing has taken on a life of it's own. Insults traded, name calling, what's next? This is supposed to be a discussion... debate even. But no-one should take a debate to this end. It's not about who said this or that. It's about a man wanting to create an atmospere of mutual honor and respect. Just how could this thread have degenerated to this is nothing more than grade school antics. The participants have left the locker room and joined up on the elementry school playground. You have taken yourselves to a new and lower's it feel to be back in grade school again? I feel like a kindergarten teacher breaking up a squabble between a bunch of five year olds.
    Where is the honor and respect you people claim you have for each other? This is just a small example of what Harley Dragon was talking about. You have taken something that should have taken thought...and turned it into a mud slinging contest. You want to debate? Then do it with honor...with integrity...with your brains...
    I'm done with this... I'm done with it all...
    I'm glad BK took away my membership...they did me a favor...I have rarely seen such childish insults flung at adults... by other adults...
    I'm outta here.
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    Smart man + smart woman = romance
    Smart man + dumb woman = affair
    Dumb man + smart woman = marriage
    Dumb man + dumb woman = pregnancy
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    Well, I was expecting this. If you read this whole thing then you would see I said I was done with this but since now you put me on the spot, and I did bring you up to HD, I will do two things here, #1,damn straight you look slammin (thats NOT an insult), on that bike. And congrats to you and dragon for your placing. #2,I will direct my comments to you via email, then if you choose to pass it around like a note in school, so be it. That is what is really going on anyway. This whole damn thing got blown way outta hand. It divided some and joined others. I went thru an entire forum a couple days ago that was very strong and I read something in Dragon that I did not know. My standing my ground got me the sh.. end of the stick by a few members via emails and thats ok, I lose no sleep. BUT, I stand behind that what gets posted and read is and should be a matter of choice. HstD has his style and HD has his. As for the rest of all this BS, I don't give a damn. I didn't come here for this. You know the old saying, "can't please everyone" , I think it applies here.
    Enjoy the Ride
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    Ty girl - u may b the only one that has got the concept- ride on lil sister
  • View author's info Posted on Mar 30, 2005 at 04:22 PM

    shewolf---you do look good on that bike!!!!!!!!!!

    you are right HD never called anyone any names

    when my kids did something that wasn't appropriate i always told them that i was disappointed with their behavior but i didn't love them any less

    love you all--be safe
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    Ok thighs- back to me- I look good on that scoot dont I? As for me and the dragon- who cares? But ill explain anyway. Have u ever heard of a "BROTHER"? U ur self speak of friends have u lost the concept? I have never claimed that bike as mine but I was the one polishing it just before it won first place and I was the one that was there when it was cranked for the first time. So I am entitled to have at least a decent pic out of the the best weeekned of my life thus far. Any questions u may have u can post to me - it doesnt have to b insulting or disrepectful.