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    OK after talking to a few of you ladies. I'm curious as to what piercings you think are sexy on a man and why.

    Fess up ladies. ;-)~
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    Alright ALLL you MEN, stick out your tongues...LMAO CC
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    Personally I like a woman with a little ink and a little metal. Piercings and Ink are visual stimulting and sometimes piercings can be physically stimulating depending on what's pierced. I'm sure you girls know what I'm talking about. Hehehe.....
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    Hi. I have had several piercings myself, but right now I just have my ears, nose, lip and tongue. I have 2 10 gage and 2 12 gage in my ears, I haven't wore the nose ring in years, I got it 14 years ago and it is annoying. I have a 10 gage and a 6 gage in my tongue, and I don't wear the lip ring unless I know I'm going to be with a man. I think piercings are very sexy on men, and the tongue rings definitely have a purpose. If you have ever experienced it you wouldn't want someone without one.
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    I love piercings....ears..tongue..nose..lips..nipples..penile..they are all ok w/me. Ya know why? B/C if the person that has them likes them they will wear them proudly. It makes them happy. It is none of my business. I would neither ask someone to get piereced for me nor would I as them not to. Piercings or tats does not make a person good or bad. That comes from inside...from the heart.

    It is not in my job description as a human to be judgemental.

    Either ya like me or ya don't...if ya don't like me b/c of something as insignificant as a piercing or tat..don't need ya in my life anyway.

    Continue on...I'll get off my soapbox now...
    I find nipple piercings on men very sexy.
    Cweet Char
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    Piercings Sucks..It is fine on your Ears 6 holes if you like, but nothing else looks sexy or cute to me...
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    LOL, you already know the answer to that!

    I think nipple piercings are sexy as hell on guys. Rings, not barbells. I also like the way one set of small hoop earings look on a guy. Anything below the belt is not really sexy, but does enhance sensation, works for me.

    Personally, I can't stand facial piercings: nose, eyebrow, lip.... blech. I knew a guy who had his Achilles Tendon pierced with a long barbell. Now that was just weird.

    BTW, what kind of piercings do guys like on women?