HONESTY Riding Sober

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    I have been at this Biker Kiss dating ritual, met a couple gals, and have as YET to meet anyone that even RESEMBLES their photos!!! What is up with that? I am seriously looking for a life mate, and find it odd to start out a friendship with a lie. SEATTLE WOMEN ROCK hahahahaha WHERE ARE YA
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    The program teaches rigorous honesty. Here's my pic[1982]. LTR

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    Sexybabe I gotta agree with you & havfun, I am in Bars a lot & get ignored alot cause I am a chunk, well ok maybe a chunk of burnin love lol. Why just last night I got to sing & dance at one of the newer Karyoke bars & a very nice lookin young lady came up to me & told me I am very sexy.....WOW that was a huge encouragement to me.
    I really believe that my age & my personality are such that with the right person there could be a very good relationship simply cause I am not young & stupid anymore(well most of the time) Havfun I think some times the ladies enjoy seeing a guy be vulnerable & get out there & shake a leg. Sexybabe I am convinced older women make better partners(lovers)...what do you think LOL.................cowboywayne
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    oh well
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    Honesty is the best policy for sure although I believe we should not be so brutally honest the we tear down others spirits.(like Simon on American Idol) I have been hoping to find a person that is easy to be honest with since the goals and vision are the same. I have been around folks who don't tell the truth & that makes it very hard & even harder to trust the next person. there is nothing to be gained by being dishonest. I Know this who process can be exhausting but keep it up you have only a little to lose & possibly much to gain. Happiness is a choice to some degree. I will add photos A.s.a.p.
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    I've only been here a week and already made some new friends.
    Took the time to ride out and meet two of the people from the site. They were both very nice folks and they hadn't lied on their profiles at all.
    No complaints here.
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    It's just me no BS here. My only complaint is not too many locals... Oh well, just trying it out for a month so far. First time for everything it has been fun but not that fun... Just enjoyed checking out some of the scooters people own saw an old knuckle and a old pan. And some amazing paint jobs. How can ya really hook up with someone who lives miles away most people at my age are pretty settled right where they are at. I know I dont plan on relocating. But I have got to talk to a few friendly folks. Have fun and keep the rubber side down..
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    Hey doc!
    You out there? Been awhile. Just wanna say hi!
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    Well . I have found the few ladies I have met from here to be exactly who and what they said they were...so keep the fsith the winners are here too!
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    That's what I'm doing wrong. The pictures keep scaring them off. I can fix the pictures in Photo Shop but that doesn't change me.

    cbtick those dudes must be blind.

    Sexybaby the handle fits.Very nicely.

    If the only thing thier interested in is how you look the're not worth messin with anyway.
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    I myself have posted my pic as I am not dolled up. no make up just plain me... so not all of us are out there trying to trick and lie about who we are. I have met a few people from here and so far all has been good and made some good friends.

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    Hi new here.... but i liked what you said
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    havfun..wow truer words could not be spoken. I have met a few guys from here , and there are some nice one's but I find what you said to be really true. and I look just like my picture. it was taken only a month ago.I see no point in posting an old photo.and I get the feeling that they all want 25 year olds even though some say they don't. I'm not givin' up tho' just b-cuz some were posers and you shouldn't either. seems like a lot of nice folks here just gotta weed it out in time .
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    Dakota..thanks for personal message u sent. my own experience is this; those that live far away, promising everything, know they will never be found out. those that live close by..promise everything, and then stand you up. If i was a hunk instead of a chunk, maybe it would be different. haha.
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    So far the ones I have met have been a lot cuter in person.
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    I can relate. What is the point of lying about who we are? Or what we look like?

    I included a picture of how I look when dolled up....not my normal way to look.

    Other than a couple responses, there is NOTHING.

    Why sign up for a dating service if you haven't got the balls to reply and say yeah or nay?

    I have responded in one way or another to those who have winked at me or have sent ride invitations. I even met with one fellow who lives nearby(refreshing)

    I look like my pictures, but obviously because I am not a Barbie and the hottest looking babe I won't get jack.

    The thing is, whomever isn't being honest is losing out on a potential friend or who knows?

    Hang in there....we have to kiss alot of toads to find the one for us.