Wondering why no one is out there... New to the site!

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    Is anyone out there???
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    I have been told by a few people that I am out there, but that probably doesn't answer your question. Personally, I like this site, it provides an introduction to like minded people, always an easier path to conversation, and I have met a number of very likeable and interesting women in my area, through this site. Not every conversation leads to a meeting, but I have ongoing friendships and rides with ladies who did not become a romantic interest. It certainly widens your circle of riding friends.
    I try to reply to winks and emails, even if it is to say I am already engaged in conversation with a possible romantic interest. Sometimes I carry on several conversations on a friendly basis and learn about riders around the world.
    So Yes, someone is out here, and having fun with this site!

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    Hi!  Happy New Year!