No much action here!! :'( New to the site!

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    My name is Catt

    I downloaded a few pitures about 30 hours ago....still says "pending"

    I don't know if it is because the memebers in this site can't see my pictures yet, but nothing has happend here since I sign up for it.

    1 profile viewing and that's it....I sent a couple  of messages but no replies yet.

    Is this the way it is? I'm new at this so I don't really know what to expect,

    Have a great night everyone


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    Hi, my name is Adam. I only just signed up also and was recieving nothing, I then found a link to approve profile. You have 4 options of how to do this, I chose 2 to be sure. I then recieved an email stating my account and profile was approved. Hope this helps. I've sent about 26 emails to girls in my age bracket simply asking to hear back in the hope of meeting a fellow biker but as yet have had no responses. This site was recomended to me so I guess I'll just keep trying. Funny, wasn't looking for near on 2 years, as soon as i decide I'm ready to try again, I get no response. go figure

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    I am wondering also. I made the profile months ago and just went back to it...