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    Hi there, I was wondering what some people think about a woman winking first. I know it's all about the sexes being equal and that's it's totally accepted that women can be the first to initiate contact but somewhere in the back of my mind I feel that a guy want's to be the 1st to initiate that wink or e-mail. Would a guy think it pushy for a woman to make the first contact?

    I am new to this site. I don't drive (yet) just a passenger looking for a nice guy with an open back seat.

    I have had one date and that's it. Why are all the guy's from out of state who wink/e-mail me???? It's frustrating!

    I am curious to know what people think so start typing! :)
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    I have an empty seat on my custom Heritage but no snow tires on it. I'm in the VA mountains 15 miles from the TN line. The bikes are all out. I never have to winterise. I've rode in Jan. and Feb when it was in the 60's. Now all the blooms are popping out and 70's are here. Even nights are in the 40's and 50's now. If you were closer you could hop on. This area is mostly populated down the valleys. No large cities. The closest is Knoxville at close to 2 hours away. So who should wink first. The most lonely should wink.

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    i don't see any proplem with it,to me its the same has flirting in a bar,if he likes it he will email back if he don't move on...as for out of state can't tell you i live on the west side not much going on at least 200 plus miles it sucks.......

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    Wink away! If you feel comfortable with it and the person you wink at isn't, then it's probably not the right person for you anyway...