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    Hello fellow NYC and surrounding BKers! Here's a chance to meet and greet and get some face time with each other with no strings and no worries. Just a fun time and a short but sweet ride.

    Saturday, July 16th, 4:00 PM (Rain date: Sunday, July 17th)

    We'll meet at Billymarks West in Manhattan at 4:00 PM (29th and 9th Avenue). Billy and Mark are expecting us and will have drink specials. (Park on the sidewalk if no availability in the street). After a few howdys we'll leave at 6:00 PM and head to the top of Bear Mountain via the Palisades. It should take us about an hour to get to the top of the mountain from Manhattan. It is an amazing view. Any of you who live north of Bear Mountain that want to join up can meet us at the top at 7:00 PM or at the Sunset House (below). I figure we will hang at the top until about 7:45 PM or so to meet up with any northerners. From there it's a short 20 minute ride to the Sunset House bar/restaurant across the river in Peekskill, where we can catch the sunset on the Hudson. Sue, the owner, is expecting us and will have free appetizers if enough confirmed riders are coming, plus drink specials. The regular menu will also be available. Live music usually starts at 9:00 PM but will start that night when we arrive. From there on out it who knows what will happen....

    It is one of my favorite short hops out of Manhattan. Call your friends, all are welcome. There is one toll on the way up (crossing the river into Peekskill). Make sure to post that you are coming (and if you have a back seat available), or contact me so I can give Sue an idea of how many of us are coming. Those of you without bikes who want to ride along either hook up with someone who posts that they are coming, or contact me here at BK or merckymerc(at)thatyahooplace and I will try to arrange a back seat for ya.
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    It was never about the drinking but about having a good time in a relaxed atmosphere. I myself never have more than one or two if I'm riding. Just thought it would be nice to be able to chat with people face to face and then go on a beautiful ride together. Sorry if I misled anyone on that point.

    I am up for a day ride to anywhere as well though. Just love to ride... :)
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    Sounds good but alot of bar hopping-
    Let us know if you want to do a day run

    Im not into drinking and riding.
    Have Fun
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    It's at 137 N Water Street. Got a few people rolling in already.
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    murcery...where in peekskill is it....i live in upstate ny, so it wouldn't be to far from here...sounds is it all going?