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    I keep reading posts by women that say they cant find a good, loyal man. Well, it starts with a simple reply, maybe just a Hi. I'm not expecting a love at first contact thing by any means. All I want is a simple reply. Either this site is bogus, there are no Aussie biker girls within 200 klm of me or my profile sucks. The last option maybe the truth but you cant tell me that here in Australia, the highest Harley ownership per capita in the world, there are no girls who want a riding buddy, friend or backseat. I give up.

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    Never give up!~ 

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    I'm a paying member and have met several women from here. But none that have found the spark.

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    i think people join this site, take a look around , see the price and leave , dont delete there profile, like me lol, just come back to the site , so.

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    well im not a ausie girl but i was bornagatorgirl    

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    This is the second time I have signd up here and nothing.  Many of the posting on the forums are several years old, no activity which leads me to believe many of the accounts have long been abandoned.  Thankfully I haven't bothered to pay for a membership.  Funny how many reviews say this is the best biker dating site.  If this is the best... no thanks.

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    I think there are a lot of men and women on the site, but like me, up until this week, I was not a paid member so I couldn't respond even though I wanted to.  The price is a little high especially if you aren't sure about the website.  The fact that the funds continue to keep coming out of your banking account makes some nervous about becoming a paid member.  I think you're adorable, but to far away for me.  If you're ever in my area, look me up.  You can never have too many friend.  Right?!!  Have a good one!

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    Ditto... I live here on the Sunny Coast. I didn't expect to be inundated but I was kinda hoping to meet some new ride buddies at the very least....  I wonder tho, if the "recommended" profile matching leads a few astray.... But.... Wtf... Someone out here must want to ride, surely??????

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    i know what you're saying.I've left comments with no replies. but so be it, i guess. sorry its not working out for you, its not for me either. lol.