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    Took my sons bike for its MOT test today. Just wondered if you have to do such a thing in the States?

    An MOT test is an annual examination of your bike's mechanical and safety related systems. This is carried out by government appointed testing stations. If the bike fails its MOT, it is illegal to ride it until the required repairs are made when it has to be re-tested. It may also invalidate your insurance.

    As it happens, my sons bike failed its test on brake pads being worn beyond their limits. oopps. Time to get the tool kit out.
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    whats a non title sale?
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    In Colorado Springs they only do emissions checks, and then not on bikes (although it's coming, I'm sure). They will ticket you (bike or not) for loud/non-stock pipes, though. Some areas in Colorado have no checks of any kind unless you have a non-title sale or you build a vehicle.
  • View author's info Posted on Apr 07, 2005 at 09:03 AM

    here in jersey-- a new vehicle(any--diesel for safety only) is inspected at 4 years--and then ispected every 2 years after that

    they do a safety inspection--including lights-brakes-tires-exhaust and emissons--they also check for certain add ons that are illegal here
    to get your bike thru inspection they also inspect the type of helmet--must be dot approved

    once in awhile you will run into a roadside inspection--in some places it is mostly for bikes to check muffler-noise levels--if toooooo high you will get a fine!!!!!!!

    so there are places in the states that test
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    Thanks for sharing that, ysfman. It's interesting to me because here in CA when a vehicle is 10 + years or older, thats when they start not wanting things like that done. Mileage isn't important and safety checks aren't done unless it's a salvage vehicle.
    Thanks again for the info.
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    M.O.T. stands for Ministry of Transport.

    Following the second world war and into the late 1950s most people purchased second hand cars and light vans, many of which were originally manufactured before 1940 and vast numbers of which were not in ?tip top? condition, nor were they regularly serviced. As a result there were numerous vehicles being used on the road which were potentially dangerous. In particular they often had defective brakes, lights and/or steering.

    As a result of this, in 1960 the then Ministry of Transport decided that all vehicles over ten years old should have their brakes, lights and steering checked every year. This became known as the ?ten year Test?, or alternatively the Ministry Of Transport Test ? which became shortened to ?MOT?. The Testable age was progressively reduced to 3 years by April 1967.

    The MOT is not just for motorcycles, it is also for trucks and cars.
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    In Oklahoma, up until about 3 years ago, any vehicle driven on public roads had to be inspected annually, emissions, brakes, lights, etc. and also had to provide evidence of insurance on the vehicle. They did away with the safety inspection law..seems the inspection stations were crooked and could be paid to pass the inspection...
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    falcon--it depends on the state you are in--in jersey they do check certain items on the bike--i think it is bi-annually--they so cars and trucks also
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    Well said, Falcon. I title and register bikes, all kinds and special construction too. At least here in CA, there are no tests that have to be done. We have a smog test that has to be done on vehicles and that almost sounds like what you are talking about. Interesting....I've learned something new today. What does MOT stand for?
  • View author's info Posted on Apr 06, 2005 at 01:20 PM

    While they should, that test is not a mandatory thing in the States. About the only time you see anything like it is if someone keeps all of their service checks up because if they don't they lose their warranty. But for older bikes - no certs are needed. If it runs and they can get a plate, it's a done deal.