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    Yes, that's right a RESORT for motorcycles ONLY! It's located in a small area called Vandiver AL. it's called 29 Dreams. It has cabins, camping areas, restuarant (great food), biker barn, outside stage with band on weekends & 29 acres to explore on. And yes they serve beer. On weekends the average attendance is about 300 or more per day. So, if your planning on being in the area, stop by and hang out with everyone... go to or call 2056720309 for directions. Tell Tim Diana sent ya!
    Oh, but let me advise's one CURVEY ride up the mountain to get there!!!
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    Thanks for the info.....a friend told me about that place. Will have to check it out!
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    there is a place called Kick Stand Lodge in Western NC it has Cabin's and tent space. I know the people (Fred & Mo) they are top notch people if you are in the area check them out. search engine them and I'm sure you can find the web-site. Sorry I dont have it handy
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    Yes, I noticed that to. In this case it could be because the info I left was for a business and is already available to the public.
    BTW.....made it to Dreams this weekend ...they were packed! I hope y'all will stop in for a visit if your in this area. It's almost like a mini bike rally every weekend that the weather is good. I've met many, many great people there. Hope to see you all there one day. Just ride safe getting there cuz there are several "kiss your a$$ curves"
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    Thanks lv2ride2005
    Ill have to check that out on one of my long weekends
    thanks again
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    Squirrel I hadn't before girl but I did just now..too kewl.

    Thanks for the Resort info...NOW...who wants to go w/me???
  • View author's info Posted on Mar 19, 2005 at 10:28 PM

    lv2ride!! squirrel here!!
    thans for the info will check it out!!!

    Hey everyone have you not noticed but we are able to post names, places, addresses, phones numbers, and e-mail and address since the BK people forced us to get a life???

    We complained but I have seen more people post pictures and give more info than when we just had a morning coffee break run! anyone else notice this?