Who is more vain? M or F Romance

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    I ask this because I notice a trend sometimes..Men are often accused of being more "shallow" than women, but on further examination, I'm not so sure this is true...Let me give you some examples...

    I know several woman who will not date bald men

    I know several women who will not date short men, they are always looking for a "tall man"

    why is that?

    sure I realize that there are women out there that don't care either way..

    now men are always being accused of only going after thin, shapely women etc... but women too also make that discrimination..and many won't date obese men for example...

    weight (unless you have a medical condition) is something that is controllable..and can be changed

    hair (or lack of it) is purely genetic as is height...(as is "size"..not to get crude!!)

    I have never met a guy who wouldn't date a woman because her "breasts are too small" or not "big enough"

    again breast size is genetic

    I have never met a man who won't date a woman because she is "too short"..but there are men that feel intimidated by dating taller women

    so I ask you guys (and women) is this moniker of men being 'shallow' unfair?

    me personally, I don't care what a woman's breast size is, I have dated women who had smaller pecs than me lol!! and my soon to be ex-wife is 38DD..my relationships are based on a deeper level...sure I like fit women, as I myself spend a lot of time in the gym kicking my own arse to try an stay in shape...

    naturally, physical attraction always comes first, that initial "Who is THAT?" visceral reaction that we all have at first sight..but I have also met a lot of gorgeous women who had very dispicable personality traits (intolerance, bigotry, narrow-mindedness) and no matter how gorgeous they might be, to me they will always be "ugly"

    what do you guys think?
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    personally flyerdog(i no this ones gonna bite me in the (ahem)women no doubt! lots of men r very sensitive now these days i have 2 admit. excluding me of course. If u ever people watch now these days sometimes u cant tell whats man or whats woman(kiddinggggg!)(gosh u people)sorry dog, kidding aside. women do judge a potential mate quite observantly now-a-days. 2 b honest with u i think it sucks 4 men. women always go 4 the goodlookin a**holes which treat them like sluts while us hard workin, charming, masculin biker fellas that really deserve a good woman r left with good ol lefty an righty(LOL) yeah flyerdog:(WOMEN R MORE VAIN)

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