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    I wish I had more time to get caught up with all the reading in these forums.. but I scrooling through, I saw so many good things... spirtual helpful things. It's amazing. God really is GOOD & bless you all.

    I will share my little story with you, so take it as you will. I had a great childhood, grew up in a good home, loved, protected & cherished. My parents were farmers & I was raised a Baptist. My mother got sick with Lukemia/Bone Cancer when I was 10 & died when I was 13. It was pretty miserable for her, especially that last year. I was the baby & I think part of the reason she 'hung on' so long was for me. She was a wonderfully spiritual & kind woman. Anyway, I was pretty mad at God for years after she died. I partied ALOT through HS & beyond that. Got married, 2 kids, got divorced, got pregnant & had a son........ got married again.. (not to the babies father.. I'm putting it all on the line here!) My son, at age 18 months, got really sick.. fever of 106!! Rushed to Childrens Mercy.. his brain was swelling & he was having grand maul seizures.. eyes rolling back in his head, tounge sticking out.. he was swelling so much in his brain that his throat began to close. Very scarey... he was put on life support, his pupils were fixed & dialated & he responded to nothing.. the docs figured the life support was the only thing keeping him alive. They diagnosed him with Viral Spinal Menengitis & Encepalitis. (an infection to the brain AND to the fluid surrounding the brain) Plus is was of the viral kind.. so it would not respond to antibiotics. At this time, I was feeling pretty low, as you can imagine. I know that some of the docs that were hanging around were 'transplant' doctors.. if ya know what I mean. After 1 day, they asked me to sign. I refused. I went to this little room, by myself, dropped to my knees & said "God, you promised me that I would NEVER make me handle anything that was too much for me... well, this is too much! So, I am giving my son to you. He's yours, not mine, I hand him to you in faith that YOU will handle it" No lightning bolts struck me.. but I felt powerful inside. I had actually let the biggest thing in my life GO! Amazing! At that point in time, things began to change, baby steps.... every little thing that came up, I prayed about it. I read stories from the Bible all the time to my son and I would ask anyone that came into his room to speak only positively. I began to thank God, with my entire heart for my son.. kind of a walk by faith thing. (certainly couldn't walk by what I saw!!) When things got shakey (we were there a month) I would close my eyes & imagine Jesus walking on the water to me. My son came home in 1 month. He was blind & deaf for another month or so.. we just kept saying positive things to him & about him. One day I was rocking him & he seemed to me looking at me intently, I stuck out my tounge at him & he kind of grinned & stuck his tounge back out at me! WOW!! He could see! And the story continues on from there. Today my son is 20 years old, graduated from HS at 18 just like the rest of the kids. He is not your typical kid, but then again, he is! He's very kind, genuine, & has a big heart! Oh by the way, his name is Dillon!

    I guess the thing I wanted to share was, no matter where you are at, God is always ready to meet you. You don't have to be some spiritual giant to receive from Him.. actually, I believe he just loves it when we are honest with him.. he knows what's in out heart anyway! Isn't it funny how when the BIG things come up, we do run to God.. but I notice that it's the little 'cares of the world' that just eats away at us... eats away at our faith. God wants us to go to him with the little things just as much as the big. He's always ready & willing to hear from us & help us.

    I know this was very long, but I promised God way back then that I would share Dillon's story when I have the opportunity, so I did!! I hope it blesses you!
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    Thank you, Kimi, for sharing your story about your son, Dillon...Hugs...
    Yep....Have Faith & Let God Let God...
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    Thank you so much for sharing Dillion's storey with us... I just recently lost my youngest son Josh in an automobile accident he was 20 years old 2 weeks before his 21st birthday which was Feb. 1st.
    I knwo the power of God and I know we don't always understand why he does what he does but like you saud you must believe, you must have faith and for most it's not an easy thing to do because most have to see to believe, I make it through every day because I have faith and believe that one day I will be in heaven with my son he was a great kid he was a volunteer fireman he put his life on the line for others everyday without fear for his... he was an organ donor and because of that there are 2 people in this world who can now see because 2 weeks after Josh's death his cornea's were given to 2 different people, see he is still alive today and with us wherever we go. I believe that and God has shown that to me... Thank you again for sharing Dillion's storey hopefully it will help others to have faith and to believe in the love of God