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    I have recently renewed my subscription here. I do so because I am starting to feel comfortable here with you guys. I have explored the site and found the nooks and crannies. I am just so confused as to why the censorship feature has NOT been disabled. It is after all a biker site, we all are adults and we all know tthe biker language is very colorful, just like we are.The fact that I can not post a url adress because it is unacceptable language is pretty dumb...
    I have noticed that many posts don't really get posted , even though the poster is listed in the string....whats that about? I wonder if his obne will be deleted....I hope not because it is only questions that I ask , any answer is appreciated..
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    hey treecutter, have you met squirl out in the woods yet?

    its because the chinky bas.t.e.r.d.s-(w/a smerk and one raised eye brow)- that run this site are the same ones that have turned this f*cken country into a daycare facility for the world while tell'n the born, bred ones to kiss off.. with that your head and have a great time, where there IS A WAY there IS A WILL.....and we will **BELIEVE ME.....**