"Goals that you believe in are the ones that really count." Relationship

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    I don't know about all of you, but I sometimes have difficulty setting goals for myself. I found this one interesting to be receiving today & especially because I just celebrated my birthday 11/7 & I always try to set goals for myself each birthday - that is my birthday gift to myself. Well you know what? I haven't even sat down to do so yet! Hmmmmm....was this daily meditation meant to be then today?
    ~Smile2005 :)

    Does the effort you put into achieving your goals feel more like a burden, than a welcome challenge? This is a sign that your goals are not your own.

    You may be trying to live up to the ideals of your spouse, friends or parents. You may even be trying to live up to society's version of success and perfection.

    Goals set for you by others may not be realistic. And, the more you strive for goals that are far from your heart, the greater your dissatisfaction and frustration may become.

    For you to feel happy inside and out, you must pursue what is important to you.

    Never think that what you want is not good enough. It is! As you set and achieve goals that really matter, you will feel more successful, positive and optimistic.

    ~Meditations for Women
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    i write down my goals every new year's day and go over the goals i had set the year before. sometimes it's hard to see how far you have come if you don't keep track. it works for me anyway.
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    I had a goal....It was called Patience and Tolerance....Which was called "growing up" for me to except this challenge...But I took the challenge and it paid off!!!...LOL....It's not so bad to grow up!