Single hate it I need a girl Relationship

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    Looking for the rite one I'm sic of gettin stuffed around
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    It appears that many on this site are living in some sort of fear...of life, being hurt, lied to or they find someone who is just messing with your heads. Sad? Absolutely, but where did it ever say on your birth ceritificate "life will ALWAYS be fair?" You put yourself out there, express your desires, wants and goals and hope someone with similar traits contacts you. You took a chance! Good for you! Didn't win the "jackpot?" Live and learn and spin again; just don't go and hide and think "there's nobody out there for me." BS! All good things come to those who help themselves! (Yeah, I know how it's supposed to go, but...LMAO) Good luck to us all!


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    I know what you mean. Its not fun sifting thru ppl wondering if you eill meet the right one and if they are bein honest.
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    hi,i know what you mean.hate games.maybe we could meet?I would like to see if we could hit it off???????lt me know lovelystarr