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    Have a story of my life towards a girl i like to share....

    I am 35 years old. I've know a girl for 11 years already... Still remember, in 1995, she sent me a message log in IRC, that time i am still in Secondary 2, she is in secondary 1. That was the starting of our pure fate..

    We stayed mysteriously unknown of each other's looks for almost 10 years... in this 10 years, we've kinda lost contact for a period of time... and fate brought us in contact together again when there was a thing called friendster

    Just last year, i met her for the first time... finally, we chatted... and had dinner together... She is doing well... she completed her degree during those days, and is working in a foreign finance company... and she is also a very nice girl, as in, very conservative, and doesnt fool around..

    Anyway, we had a feeling for each other since young, but to me, during that age, i do not know what is love all about... therefore i did not court her at that time.. Years later, i had a girlfriend, and she had his boyfriend... but fate again, made us now single again.. We are currently in more contact... and infact, i am meeting her again this weekend... :)

    Somehow, i started to feel for her again... but i don't know if she will accept me.. coz she is not that easy get person... you have to prove yourselve to her that you really love her... her male friends often label her as "cold lady"... cold towards guys... but to me, i know her well... i know that its just her outlook.. but in her heart, she is willing to give guys a chance to prove themselves...

    All i know is, i have this more chance... coz no one more except me have been showering her with my care these days... but we are still friends...

    She knows that i liked her all along, i've expressed to her how i felt towards her before... but somehow, i dono how to go to the next big stage... court her, and ask her to be my girlfriend... maybe its due that my life isnt stable yet... coz i am still doing
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    Hey lil ride.

    You have the most enchanting smile I've seen in a very long time.I've looked at your profile many times and have been completely mesmerized by your smile.I was viewing your profile and discovered that we have some friends in common,Foxyrider{Jill},KinMonmouth{Kara}and snjgal{Kat}.Well now that I've made a fool of myself,by posting such silly mush,I'll get to the point.When might you be coming east? I would like to meet you.I haven't been here in a while and I'm not a paying member.If your so inclined to talk, be creative in attempting to contact me.So long for now.
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    Hi Cash,

    You and your lady friend have spent over 10 yrs nurturing a friendship. The times spent apart is what will prepare you two for what lies ahead.
    Possibly during these times she trusted others into her heart who betrayed and wounded her inner spirit.

    Experiences we have, whether good or bad, are relevant to where we are headed. Trust that the meaning will reveal itself over time.

    Past trials and troubles happen. The lessons we learn from what and who we have loved and lost, truly prepares us to embrace new oportunities and possiblites.

    She might not be at this place in her life yet. Trusting your love is not what keeps her from opening up. Her inner spirit and heart have not healed from past hurts, therefore she protects them.

    Live, love and embrace her with a pure heart, keeping your intentions true. This gift you bestow on her will help her heal and grow from the past. Over time she will be able to close that door and open her spirit and heart to embrace you the same.

    This saying below helped me heal my heart and spirit in order to believe and welcome new possiblities of love.
    'I will not be a Survivor of destructive things, but a recipient of Great things to come.'

    Remember as you stand by her through this, Love is Patient. Take it One Day at A time.

    My hope to you is that when she closes the door to the past, she will leap to the window towards love at its best.....

    Always Remember to Smile from Your Heart

    best wishes,
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    Hey Cash~
    It's been a long time since you talked about being the happy man... I sure hope this venture goes well for you. It sounds as though you've put a lot of thought and even your heart into this gal. I'd like to tell ya to just be yourself, and be open to her as to how you feel. Not only does she have the right to know, but she might actually need to hear it. I know you'll be wearing your feelings on your sleeve but don't you think it's better if she can see you're willing to be a little vulnerable than to hide it?
    I wish you the best of luck. Please come on back and let us know how things are going for you, ok?