Is the right one really out there Relationship

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    It hard to believe with so many people on this site finding the right person is so difficult.¿ Why can't a women accept a man for who he is and not try and change him.¿ I guess the same goes for guys, but it's almost funny how many people post stuff that is not real.¿ What do think is going to happen when we meet... So, I ask my first question, why is it so hard to meet the right person....

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  • View author's info Posted on Aug 14, 2010 at 10:53 AM

    im new as of today..looking at the profiles tho, i see those who are truly looking for a soul mate say so. those who are just looking for a good time also pretty much ha..pretty much key phrase do say so. Im hoping i find someone who isnt JUST looking for a good time. it would be nice to be a priority and not just an option.
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    I have to say, most of the guys I met in person after meeting them online turned out to be almost 100% genuine. at least as far as their info..some say they want a LTR when they're really just looking for a roll in the I'm way more impressed by people who tell it like it is instead of trying to fake their way thru.
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    Because there is alot of people and trying to find the "Right for Now" and not the "Right One", but maby it's just me but that is how I see it.