Does any one know a biker named Gary? Pennsylvania

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    I met a biker named Gary on a haunted hay ride in a place in pa called terror hill.he was tall,about 6 foot 4,dark hair and eyes,in his forties.We talked throughout the whole haunted hayrideand i felt like i knew him my whole life!!I was with my two kids,he said that he was divorced and was with his biker group that day.he took my phone number and e-mail,but I think i might have written down a wrong phone number because i just moved here to pa a few months ago or maybe he lost the number because i put it on a picture that i had in my wallet,I had nothing else to write on!I have been thinking about this gary guy ever since we met,I felt a real connection to him which you dont feel that often.I just wanted to know if anyone out there might know him and give him this messege and have him contact me.He has tattoes and wears black knuckle gloves.I would be so happy if i could hear from him,If anyone knows gary,please can you get in touch with him and let me know.Thanks so much!! Stef
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    Wonder what happened to the biker named Gary?
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    Quoting author:

    Yes I know a biker named Gary.

    Whos Gary? LOL Are you Gary?
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    Yes I know a biker named Gary.

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