just to say hy :) New to the site!

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    hy, Im from Croatia and Im new here..I dont know how it works and I think that Croatians dont know about this site so Im only looking for someone to chat with a little.. (sorry for bad english :P)
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    thank you for your replies guys :)
    HarleyFatb0y ..Im glad you were in Split, it is one of the most beautiful cities in Croatia, I would recommend Dubrovnik too :)

    Scott its true that Croatia has beautiful roads, especially on the coast.. riding in the nature, close to the sea is wonderful for me :)
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    Hey from the USA, Saw your post and thought I'd shout out across the great blue at ya!! Can ya hear me? I was actually in Split, Croatia last year. What a beautiful country!! Seems like alot of people are not on the site, or haven't been for a while. Its just into spring hear so I think people are just comin out of the closet, so to speak!! Well good luck in your search!! Live to Ride, TooTall
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    Howdy from Texas! Your English is very good :-)
    I have a couple friends in Croatia and Slovenia.
    They tell me of the wonderful roads for riding and the beautiful coast.
    I hope to visit one day to ride the mountains of Slovenia and down the coast of Croatia.