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    Hi everyone, I am a female in the so cal area, looking for new friends. I love bike ride with experienced  riders. Would be great to find someone who is looking for a passenger I am very sweet cargo. 
    Let me know if anyone would be interested in meeting me.  xoxo be safe
    I do tend to take things slowly, sorry I do not just give out  my number to everyone who asks..
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    I'm planning a 40 day trip in a giant oval across America from Virginia. Id like very much to catch up with you on that trip and say hello, and maybe convice you to travel along for at least 500 miles (:


    The vid is of my mods to a 48

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    Hola hablas español

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    Hey ya, Newbee

    How great of you to ask, I am always seeking out quality female friends. Also,I can relate there is alot of craziness out there, people in general need to be a bit more safe and aware. So I look forward to learning more, about yourself, maybe we could exchange emails, if you like. well enjoy the labor day weekend, Been realy hot here, hope it cools down soon. :)   Take care.

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    Hi there,

    You said you were looking for friends or something to that effect. Were you looking for female friends? I'm not gay, or jealous, or competetive, it's just that beautiful women should be kind to each other because there's alot of B*****S out there.. I'm older now so I don't get it as much as I use to. I'm 55 and I still got it.