" Run To The Wall " Motorcycle events

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    If anyone wants to go on the run to the wall from ky to rainell,west virgina here is a great web site to check out, greasyonline, If any ladies want to be a passenger just holler and let me know. POW/Mia. If it wasnt for our veterans we wouldnt be free. John

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    Hi, if you still have an open backseat I would be glad to fill it from the Pentagon to wherever you park in DC after. I could probably bride my bike but it needs work and I don't really want to chance it. we could exchange cell #s to locate each other or set a meeting place at the Pentagon and I could get you a souveneir or something as a a thank you. MY heart has SPACE and GIA will be taking messages to speed things up. I am a Patriot Guard Rider are you? If the seat is taken thank you anyway.