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    I am writing a paper for college and i need some information from other people about problems they have encountered with parking their motorcycle To be more specific ~discrimination~
    I am needing all the help i can get. there really isn't much on the web on this subject so i figured why not ask here. i posted this somewhere else but i am not sure if this is correct~
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    I ride a modified 2004 XL1200R Sporty and a 2004 Yamaha FZ6 sportbike. In either case I have never found parking to be an issue. At times I will park with the cages in a normal space and other times I will ride up the handicap ramp and park where the tube stop has been set up for bikes (bicycles). I have never been cited for this and have actually had folks thank me for not taking a space. In any case, parking is parking and it has never been an issue.

    I think use of the term "discrimination" is a reach. The reason for this is in order to be discriminated against you must first be in a protected class and motorcycles are not protected. Rather, they are subject to the same rule of law that cages are. I do however feel we of these United States are a bit behind in terms of relative safety when it comes to motorcycles and their riders. So many countries allow filtering or lane splitting when it comes to traffic. I for one know many that have been rear ended while siting in the proverbial traffic sandwich. Another issue I have are those states that have no mandated helmet law like Florida. To me, any state that offers a limited helmet law should require a massive amount of medical insurance for that rider with little or no sense. This way, should an incident occur the state (public)doesn't end up pulling the tab.

    I think there are any number of issues when it comes to riding but parking isn't on that list.

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    I ride a modified Softtail with a chopper type 300 rear tire and fender. I mention this as it appears a little smaller in parking spaces to some drivers. I get around with it (SD, CO, TX, AL, FL) and have not noticed any parking discrimination. No one has said to me "this is for cars only". Possibly due to the appearance of the bike (Drag bike style) I get invited to park at the front doors of hotels and restaurants. I do not "squeeze in" between parked cars as it is too easy for them to damage the bike, intentionally or otherwise.

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