Ladies m cycle boots ladies only - sorry issue

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    OK got my eye on a beaut of a bike and now I wonder what kind of boots are best for driving. Something with a heel will look classy but is that logical??? Ladies any help ideas???
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    Are you kidding? Any motorcycle safety class will tell you that the shoe you wear will help keep you safe from tipping over, road rash, bugs, stabalize the ankle, and they provide traction for stopping-contact with the ground! Yes, combat boots most likely are the proper MC footwear. Bring along a pair of hot looking heals in your saddlebags and wear the "ugly" boots to the suaree, otherwise from a safety perspective, you may not arrive intact! REAL motorcycle babes wear the ugly safety boots if they really care about themselves.
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    ~Personally I say no heels. They look great off the bike...but they are not practical for riding. Your boots are one of your most important as far as riding gear. But that's just my opinion.

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