help!! need teacher how do i find one help me feed this motorcylce bug that has me by the throat !!!!

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    I want to learn to ride, oh I can go to the classes but I want a man who has been riding for a while to teach me. how do I find them.

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    hello lady:in response to your post. first let me say that i started riding at the tender age of 12 and have been riding ever i have a couple of days expeirence as i am 63 now so i dont think im a kid.what im about to tell you is not gonna be popular with the new breed of rider but however it is the facts.first let me tell you that the only thing that comes from milwaukee that is any good is the motorcycle you have to rwmember there in it for the money period. and a harley shop is just that a harley shop they want your money period. and the guy that says join hog for knowlage and friendship, well that is just plaun sad.
    find yourself and old shool biker there easy to make friends with and they can show you a lot .how do you tell, well number one is how they ride, if they ride in the new staggered formation instead of sise by side , run from them they dont no a damn thing that comes from harley and is used by those that have no idea hoe to ride. if you ride that way your always having to look for your partner i prefer to look where im going if i have to hunt for him i aint riding with him.and you dont need to join a club to ride and enjoy the bike in fact its much better if you dont .just take your time and use a little common sense and you will be able to learna lot own your own and a lot cheaper not to mention safer. i dont no what kind of bike your looking to get but a harley is a good choice but whatever you get get one that you are comfortable with, a bike is a personal thing and it has to suit you , and you can learn to ride and enjoy it like nothing else, just dont listen to all the wanna bees out there and bekieve me ther are plenty of them.remember this , 25000.00 and 25 miles does not make you a takes a little more then that. i wish you luck , and enjoy the ride. pick and choose who you ride with carefully im sure you are aware that all have opinions but not all good ones.---jim
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    You can also take the class through A.B.A.T.E. It's less spendy than at HD. You still get the ins. cut and after the class you take the card and go get your endorsement. The test is part of the class. They also offer an advanced course. I know a lot of long time riders who have taken it, and said they got a good bit from it, and would highly recomend it too.
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    how can i help?i like what i see.sorry i dont have a picture at the monment but iam new.but i will be catching up with the times.
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    I had a good friend take me out to the fair grounds and lern to ride. When I was confident and comfortable enough, then I took the course and brought my own
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    My advice is to go to your local Harley Dealership and enroll in a riders safety course...Usually it is motorcycle cops who teach you...
    Then join H.O.G. and go to the meeting and meet both guys and gals who LOVE to ride...You can go on local rides with them and also longer rides when you can...
    Also most of the guys and gals will give you pointers and work with you if you ask...
    PS...You get a break on scooter insurance if you take a safety classs...It adds up fast....Check with your insurance agent and se what kind of discounts you will get for taking the class...

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    Plus they cut you a break on insurance if you have a new scoot and carry a lien, you need to carry insurance. You can also take an experienced rider course with your own bike later on. Hear alot of good things about the classes. Lady friend of mine just took it this weekend and passed, she is very happy.
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    Absolutely right.

    Plus, in the classes, you meet other riders who are at your same riding level and great friendships are formed.

    The classes are the only way to go. A real man who has been riding for years will tell you that, too.
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    Think maybe you should reconsider your desire to just have someone teach you over the class. Might not be a bad idea to have some pointers before going into the class....but the instructors get paid to do what they do.....there is no forgetting to mention something that could possibly save your life. There are lots of mistakes that could cost you far more than the 200 bucks for a class....