Divine Intervention? Friendship

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    Sunday I met a BK Gal in Okeechobee, took her to breakfast and went riding around, had a blast. She lived in the same area as one of my friends I had heard recently died. He was a Ham Operator too like me, haven't spoke since the hurricanes when he manned one of our west county shelters. Drove around a few waterfront neighborhoods in the area and stopped in front of a house where two guys were washing their mud truck. I described Bob, his Dodge 4x4 and his Suzuki v-twin, one guy said he delivered a pizza to a guy like that a few weeks ago. He showed me the way, house was sealed up with evidence tape, not what I was hoping to see. I knocked on the neighbors door and she told me he died at home, heart attack. A week before he had give her his Mom's number in case of emergency, she called and his property was taken care of by his family. I didn't know if his family knew or not of his demise. Mission accomplished, what's the chances of me finding someone that knew him after he'd only lived there less than a year like that? I reckon Ole Bob just wanted me to know everything was okay.
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    thanks for the words Zee
    but before i read them i did just as you advised. Showed no mercy,,,brought me out of that melloncholly sad feeling and all is well again!!
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    It is such a simple thing Lococo, yet moves me in the same manner that a cat purring does, when one expresses such profound yet normally hidden and never revealed secrets of what's really living inside of them.

    It's hard to sometimes step back, but it remains that discretion is often the better part of valour when that red beating pump of our true feelings gets involved.

    I salute you for what you just said. It shows true honour and humility.

    Now would be a good time to grab your bike and show the throttle a complete lack of humility I might add.
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    Divine intervention and finding our match
    I have found many "matches" here and would know that if we could meet face to face that the....but divine intervention has layed its course because if I did I would be heartbroken in knowing that all the others that could be ...I could not choose if I was given the oprotunity because many of you have that special place in my heart. Yes we have done a lot in jest but there were times that things that played out were were serrious and important to us. To my matches and to those who have connected to me in other ways ...... my heart sings.. as one of you have told me that yours did (yes you too) thank you for being (at least my online) friends companions (the way I feel sometimes) and some of you my (fantacy)lovers.

    Yeah its out of character for me but its how I feel
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    Tq. gotta tell ya....that mental picture gave me a smile. To think... that song, after all these years, can still make people want to sing along, & think of the southern way of life. Specially from folks up north who've never been! That's GREAT!!
    Of course for us....it is our "un-offical" State Song!
    And when I'm far way from my sweet home, I only have to hear it to remind me of what I'm going home to!!
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    Usta sing Sweet home Alabama! But never been there. One of the bands I was in played almost all southern rock. Picture this: a bunch of yankees in northern Minnesota, wearin snowmobile boots, singin Sweet home Alabama-Lawd I'm coming home to you. LMFAO
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    Hey Tq.
    That's the way it is on this site! With the exception of a few...most of the guys that relate to me ARE half way across the world or might as well be!! LOL
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    hey lv2ride, too bad you live half way around the world from me.
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    Sometimes I could use Divine Intervention...with the men I pick...
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    AMEN!!! But sometimes it sure does get discouraging & lonely in the wait.
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    Sure thing sis..I'm never giving up till I find my man or death comes..LMAO.
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    Hey CC
    We can't give up though g/f!! I'll say a pray for yours if you say one for mine! LOL
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    I agree w/that LUV2...
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    Divine Intervention????
    I think that's what it's going to take to find my match!! LOL
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    Well I'm just glad to have a friend like you :) And likewise about that special place in MY heart.
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    ~~Thank You~~ Beauti ...

    And, TQ ...
    Yes, we have talked about a lot of things. I feel truly "honored" that you and I have become friends. ;^)
    You know that you have a special place in my heart already ...
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    Beautiful wildspirit. And we've talked about some of those things that "make us hurt like HELL"
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    wildspirit....i agree with you 100%...could never have expressed it like you did.....excellent....thanks
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    This is a lil' longer than my usual posts because I can really relate to this topic! lol

    I have been talking with a "special" person that I just recently started communicating with (he WAS a member here and, I just happened to reply to him the week his membership ended) The first thing I wrote to him is "what makes ME worth the effort?" (Because he is in another country) We've been "talking" a LOT about "coincidences" and that sort of thing (which makes this NEW topic "SO IRONIC" to me) I HAD TO post sumthin' here!

    I am a very "Spiritual Person" ... I've always believed that I have had a Guardian Angel looking out for me ever since I can remember. I've been on my own since I was 15 years old and a lot of the scenarios in my life could've been so much worse than they were!

    I DO believe that we are put in a certain place, at a certain time, and we meet certain people for a "specific reason".

    When things are happening to you at a time that you least expect them to ... I believe THAT is your "Divine Intervention" happening.

    And, when you look back at the events that took place to get you to where you are at in this life ... some of it may begin to make some sense ...
    (even the times when there are so many confusing things that are happening in your life that they are making you hurt like HELL!)

    "It IS meant to be WHAT it is!"

    I believe that most of the things that don't make a bit of sense at the time they are happening in our lives will begin to make sense by the time everything is said and done!

    ~~ PEACE! ~~