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    So you are riding your bike with the dude that up until recently, you were his back seat , and he becomes an a@&-hole ….Not saying you may o r may not have noticed this before in other areas, but suddenly he has no motorcycle riding manors….Ya… yeah…and I know a bunch of you are thinking WTF is that?…Let me try to give you one example; Just the two of us…unexpectedly he turns off the previously agreed rout, I follow. (he likes to do this a lot)…I know that he is in the market for buying a house, he tends to become distracted when he sees for sale signs…OKAY..I am ready for that…on a winding cove road, w/out hand signals or jesters he slows to a (old school slow biker races crawl)  in the middle of the street…I stall out in second not to hit him…I turn the engine over and look at him, I yell, are ya going to pull in to a drive way? Do you wanna  check it out?….in his typical style, he speeds off out of sight. I’ve had enough of his chit and I turn my bike around to head back….I have been his back seat for years…since I have had my license and bike…he has no patience or courteousie for me as a rider….he constantly will make unexpected turns and such and not wait for me to see which way he went…When we ride with others, he is well behaved, they are encouraging…I have noticed they have started to make a plan as to keep him away from me….A good friend of mine and well experienced rider herself, (who also knows him) suggested that maybe it bugs him a little that when I am riding my own…he does not have the control of me he used to…that his only way of expressing his anger and resentment is to hassle me when it is just he and I riding…Any thoughts or opinions ladies? Anyone experienced anything like this?




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    I went through the same thing but opposite sides, my ex-gf who was my back seat when riding her own bike had no regard for me.  She take off and run like a bat out of hell.  Now if she was an experienced rider it wouldn't have bothered me so much, but she dumped the bike twice, broke her foot during one of those.  Needless to say we are not together any longer.

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    Buy a faster bike and leave him standing !

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    Im looking for a woman who rides, I think it makes an immediate statement about her spirit. I want to be with someone who can go her own way and is with me only because she wants to be ...not because shes stuck on my back seat...(in fact I dont even have a back seat !) Find yourself a partner who has as much self confidence as you do and you will have a man who will treat you with the respect you deserve.

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    My now X and I have been riding for almost 17 years. We got new bikes about 2 years ago and the dealer told her because mine was completely Cobra outfitted it would be wise for her to ride ahead of me.
    I have always had her ride a head while I sit in the saddle relax enjoy the ride an follow her. To reasons for this, she usually knows where she wants to go, to me it doesn't matter and two after buying the new bikes the 06 Triumph peedmaster she boat was alot more than she was use to riding and I could keep a watchful eye on her.
    I hate ridng with people like that and although I hate ridng alone I'm not fond of big groups either.
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    Hey Beaujolaid,

    Isn't the whole object to enjoy the ride, it's not the destination but the ride to get to where ever you're going. If he's inconsiderate enough to leave you behind turn the bike and just head off on your own adventure and you never know what or who you'll find along the way. I personally believe that everything happens for a reason. Maybe it's your reason to head out on your own! 



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    I completely agree with justriding11. You should take him up on a sunny California ride!!
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    Oh, I am so sorry but can relate!  I ride mostly by myself for the same reason.  Just started riding in 2006 and everyone pushed me and expected me to ride (balls to the wall) as they do prior to the time that I was comfortable enough to do so.  Fine with me, however I wish I had folks to ride with from time to time.

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    I agree with all the comments above! It sounds like he is a cry baby and he's is trying to bring you down . I agree with Donijo99 .....time to move on
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    time to move on
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    DEAR BEAUJOLAID personally the first time he left me i would not be chaseing after him! I would make a turn and ride in a different direction. you can and will have some great rides on your on. any time you need someone to ride with just call its beatuful here in sunny north central califonia.

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    Dear Beaujolaid,
    Don't let him, hold you back. Bring his inconsideration to his attention and without pointing a finger say something like;
    "I am a new rider, when I have to make unexpected turns or stops it makes me nervous and frustrated. Can you think of a way to make it less frustrating and more safe for me?"
    This kind of statement puts the focus on his actions and not on him personally while letting him know your feelings. The question on the end invites him to step up and be a man, real men WANT to take care of and please the women in their lives.
    Just my opinion but if he doesn't rise to the occassion and make your experience what it should be ...I suggest finding another buddy, one that will respect you and keep you safe.