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    1st bike was a Honda spirit, never road before bought the bike without test driving it, had it delivered, after he left I jumped on took off and been riding ever since, many bikes ago, I now ride a Harley street glide, what a difference
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    My first bike was a 1980 Honda XL-125. Dang thing would vibrate like a paint shaker when I hit 45. Heck, it took forever just to get to 45! A lot of fun and taught me a lot about street and dirt riding

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    My first bike was an '07 Dyna WideGlide and I finished the riding course a week before I picked it up. It was a retirement gift to myself after 24 years of military service. I have put about 35,000 miles on it and plan on keeping it forever. Can't wait until I roll it over 100,000 miles. One of my goals with it is to ride in every state with it. Two months after picking it up, I rode to New York City from Martinsburg, WV. I can tell you that riding in Manhattan was an experience that I will never forget!!
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    My first was a Montgomry Wards mine bike in the 60's, 5hp Briggs motor. I have had many since, raced motorcross for several years. Now I have a sportster HD that I have made into a crusser. I anded a mustang seat, tall backrest, windshield, saddle bags, and air shocks. I have over 45,000 miles on it. I have put 300 miles on at 15 degs, I have a heated suit that works great.
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    Hodaka Combat Wombat. Already very used when it was given to me.
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    my first bike was a Yamaha XV 535 kind of chopper, bought it second hand and had really fun with, but had a terrible crash with and couldn't ride it anymore. Afther that one i bought the same but in 750. Now i'm riding Triumph, feels nice and more comfortable
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    My first bike was a blue 650 Bonneville Triumph with a right side shift from the 60's.
    Would shake you to death and had to constantly tight bolts, but I wish I stii had it.
    Ron (Dancing Bear)

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    Mt first bike IS a 1976 Honda CB750 Super Sport that turned onto a Cafe.At least that is what i tried to do...I think I pulled it off???I actually just got this bike a few months ago and have only gotten it on the road about a month ago.Rode about 700 miles so far,and it has been pretty chilly here.Last night when i came home on it the bank clock read 33 degrees.My loaf of bread i went out to get was frozen,but i had a blast!