When I went for my first bike ride on a Harley First biker experiences

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    My first bike experience was when I went on one of them Harley day tours. This hot looking guy turns up on this beautiful Harley and took me all the way to Kangaroo Valley and all along the South Coast line. That day I was so pissed off because I just broke up with my partner and when I got on that bike it was like all my problems just went away. It even started haling and poring down with rain and I still loved the ride from that day onwards I just knew I was a biker lover. Now I' am obsess with bikes and can't stay off them.

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    I was about 11yrs old and my uncle (rip) came over on his chopped out sportster. With its gold metal flake paintjob. It was such a ugly bike but its rumble was fascinating. I had been riding with dad several times on his yamaha. So I asked my uncle if he'd give me a ride. He did and I believe that was my first sexual experience on that bike. Lol. Seriously tho, I fell in love with the rumble of those pipes, the wind in my hair, and the sun on my skin. It made all the other bikes, dirtbikes, and 4 wheelers seem like tonka toys. Stole a peice of my soul that day.

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