Totally Clueless! First biker experiences

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    When I was 6 years old my Dad put me on my first bike, a Honda 90, he never told me how to shift, turn, or stop.  I just started going and didn't know how to turn around or stop so I kept going until about a mile later landed in a wash and fell over.  It was too funny.  After that he tought me how to do those things.  Then he decided to let my brothers and I pick out dirt bikes and he said they couldn't be 2 strokes.  My brothers picked out Honda's and I picked out a Harley 125.  He said that I needed to pick out a cheaper bike so I got a Honda 125.  He use to take us out to Chicken Hill to ride.  I was really good.  My Dad was on my bike and my little brother was on a QA50.  We were going up a hill and he stopped on a level spot and I stopped behind him on a slope.  He started to go and then I did.  Well my bike didn't have enough power and I fell down the hill and landed on a barrel cactus.  I heard my Dad say "the bike, get the bike" I was yelling "what about me?".  I picked thorns out of my ass for an hour but got back on the bike and kept riding.  I have been riding ever since. 

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    lol I dropped mine a few months back and when I saw fluids draining out.. I had that feeling. Thank God we were both ok.