Survival of the clueless First biker experiences

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    My first solo riding experience was definately an event to remember.  I am very clumsy and so unco-ordinated at times it is almost comical.   All my friends have the stories about there was this time we went out and - - - .

    So I purchase a honda rebel 250CC for $700 determined I am going to learn to ride before I take my motorcycle class and receive my endorsement.  I bat my big hazel eyes and the seller drives it over to my house (gotta love delivery).  It is parked in the driveway and I am inspecting my newest project when the bike fires out the back, leaps three feet in the air, lands on side and quivers like it is having a seizure (and manages all of this without a single scratch in the paint).  I look at the seller and ask him if the bike normally behaves like this - he replies only around women and since you are its new owner you should get along perfectly. 

    So flash forward 3 days, the Honda dealer has worked the bike over top to bottom for $400 and it now runs nice.  My uncles decides this is the day I am going to get my first riding lesson.  I roll the bike out of the garage and won't start - adjust choke, roll bike nothing.  My uncle jumps on and bike starts on first hit.  That physcho rice burner and I are not off to a good start.

    So we do all sorts of power walking and first, second and third gear motions in my cul de sac and around the big circle street in my neighborhood.  The exhibition gets to the point where my neighbors are now sitting outside with their beers watching "the show".

    After several near fatal stopping incidents, never falling off bike, I return to start and park the bike.  This is it, my big dismount after a very hard day of practice.  I stand up start to lift my leg and as soon as my right legs clears the bike decides to use its kickstand to trip me and I fall over sideways.  My uncle looks down at me trying not to pee himself in laughter and says "sweetie that was great but generally you should try to stay standing when you dismount the bike."  My neighbors stand up and issue a standing ovation for my dismount and I crawl into my house to now show my face again - well we needed some liquid encouragement but we came back out.

    Needless to say, the honda and I were never really that fond of each other.  When I sold the physcho rice burner I sold it to a man who loves it and the bike behaves like a champ.  And the best part is my harley 1200cc and me have been together riding happily ever since.



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    That's a funny story, thanks for sharing! 

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    What a great story and new beginnings...what a great sport you are and thanks for the laughs.





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    i love that story,,,hard to top it. you should write stories.