Lets share are most remember-able ride or best First biker experiences

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    Myself,it was my b-day(next month?)had A three day wk-end,Thought I'd fill my state wide a.b.a.t.e. poker run list 128 stops.Started in central Wisconsin(Stevens point)went east to Door county( thats the thumb that sticks out into Lake?went north to wards U.P.(upper Mich.)all along the top boarder(Wis.)Michigan has brain bubble law keep my money on the good side.Hazzle ?,Red Cliff,into Superior,then down the Great Mississippi,getting dark Motels were full hit down-town something?Bikes every were crossed into heaven some how.State wide Dice run party was just out of town had a drink,bought a jug,followed a group to sight,"You on the run"the guy yelled at the gate SURE I said I was in.Drew the tarp from grip n sis-bar to ground through the bag under,grabbed the jug.Went to party,"o" what happens at the runs"RALLIES" stays at the rallies.But I've got video's,this girl sounded like Janice .Best b-day so far.Also hit 43 stops 1400 miles.

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    Riding in Colorado Rockies is wonderful
    Riding the Blue Ridge Parkway is also wonderful. The last time I rode the Blue Ridge a black bear approx 400#'s ran across the road in front of me about 20-25 yards and up the side of the mountain,never stopped. THANK YOU LORD.

    Ron (Dancing Bear) Northwest Indiana

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    riding all way naked was funnest