Any tarantula keepers on the boards? Entertainment and Hobbies

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    Just checking to see if anyone here keeps tarantulas or other invertebrates? I'm fairly heavy in the tarantula hobby and was just curious about any cross-over.
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    @ Heretic - Tarantulas are arachnids and arachnids are invertebrates.(no spine) I love the little sugar gliders. My daughter is always hanging with "the sugar glider guy" at the shows in Chicago.

    @ Wildspirit - They are venomous as in they possess venom, but the bite from a tarantula is not "medically significant". In most US species, the bite would be about as painful as a bee sting, but less dangerous... there has never been a documented case (of which I'm aware) of anaphylactic shock from a tarantula bite. Most North American species are quite docile... just in case you ever wanted to pick one up and "snuggle". I'll include a pic of one of my favorites... from India... and no.. the pic has not been altered.

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    Interesting subject! I was just at a relatives house last night and there was one in his room ... I hate to tell you what happened to it! It wasn't pretty!
    I did get a picture before it demise ... they "look" kewl ... but, they are still venomous!

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  • View author's info Posted on Jul 27, 2006 at 10:08 PM

    I thought a tarantula was an arachnid. Anyway No spiders, but I do have a sugar glider. They are similar to a flying squirrel, but are marsupials