Loosen the reins?? Comments and Suggestions

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    Hey I am just passing thru here,n cant help but ask what sort of response others have had here? My suggestion is change the business model make everything free,and rely more on advert dollars than digging thru folks pockets for minor $$$'s
    Take a page from a successfull site,that I wont name here cause you will delete this anyway rite? The fact that you delay postings is lame,it renders the blogs & forums useless for casual standard members.
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    Yeah my blog was deleted,apparently because I made somewhat the same sort of statement regarding the lack of active members & the ability to post in a timely fashion. They really need to reexamine how they conduct their business strategy.I was bombarded all weekend long with free trial offers from a number of popular site,eharmeney,zoosk,& a couple others,maybe this site could attempt to do the same,only I fear a real lack of active members wont help the situation,if I was given full priveleges I may discover the majority of profiles are one hit wonders who only joined to check out others n left after seeing no signs of life here??
    take care all :)
    and thanks Rosie & Rich for posting a response :)
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     I Agree. 

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