can't stand wanna bes Biker wanna be

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    i'm back on bk after several years god------why don't people let people just enjoy the many materialistic people........grow up-stop judging-leave people be........that is why i love riding in the mountians, alone most times, because there are no a-holes to deal with.........poooooooooffffffffffffffff..... be gone...chit
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    i loved whay you said............very true
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    I met a biker at a rally this weekend.I told him I was a wanna be biker,he said along as you got it in your heart that all it matters.I thought that was real sweet of him to say that..
    You have to start somewhere as someone quoted .
    We hung out all day together and had a great time...It didnt bother him in the least bit.I found a new friend!!
    I have always admired the bikes and the people who ride them..My daughter is a vendor at some of the rallys and I try to go every chance I get!
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    the only wanta be is the one that started the thread.....

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    Ok since I ridecan old sporty I'm not biker I'm a girl huh. Even tho I'm 6 ft 200 lbs
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    Wow... can't you feel the love, man!

    @KatyKeller... for someone who doesn't own a bike and is just going to be a bitch on someone else's, you sure do have an attitude.

    First off... everyone is a "wannabe" biker at some point. I started riding street bikes in HS and had years where I didn't own a bike. I have always seen myself as a biker... like others have said, it is in my soul.

    Second, Harley is not the end all in bikes. For years I wouldn't even look at a Harley because of their initial cost, and the service/maintainance cost. As of a few months ago, I am a Harley owner. Not because it is a wonder bike...(I just took it on a 3500 mile trip and it was great) but because it was the style that I was looking for, the price was right, and the reliability has greatly improved. I still have my Suzuki and ride it when I want to burn up the mountain roads. Each bike has it's strength, and so does each manufacturer.

    I feel that anything with a motor and two wheels is in the brotherhood... that is why I always give a low fives to everything, even scooters.
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    Jesus H Christ lady!!! I'm sure you were a "wannabe" at some time in your life. It sounds like you still ARE!!! I have not riden for (too many) years and am gonna get back into it if it's the last thing I do... am I a "wannabe" You're f****** right I am!!!!! Biking is in the soul or it's not. If it's in your soul, you are a biker, no matter how many miles you ride, no matter if it's a frickin' Honda or a Hog.

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    i rideĀ over 5,000 mile's a year on my bmw 1150 ,does that mean i'm not a biker ,maybe i neede to ride more......
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    Oh for crying out loud! None of you are any more bikers than anyone else. I put thousands of miles on my bike every year, but that is just me. Some people have families and responsibilities and are unable to ride as much as they would like, but they are every bit the biker I am. The truth is, you self proclaimed bikers that always try to put yourself above others and assume to judge others are usually the weak when the rubber hits the road. Yes, I know your type well. So shut your ignorant mouths, and just ride.
    Damn idiots.................
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    wow !! Kay i know cousins and younger guys will not buy a harley you know why? They think its for old ppl!!Now aint that a crock?
    but any bike will make you a biker, its in your soul! I agree with
    PrairieRider and psychosaint ! you need to listen to them guys..they are bikers for sure!
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    andy WHY do you care?
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    what a bunch of a**holes, just ride and let others do the same!
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    May I voice the idea of gauging our selves and others not what life's good forturne  has superfially gifted us to ride or not to ride. Not looking at others by what they have or lack by our own standards of materal, wealth, or expression in what they ride and why. But by other means and words such as compasion! ...Compasson and care for others where ever they may be... or what ever goals they have.  (myself included...I'm not perfect!)

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    Yea, I can relate to the last post. I've seen a lot of driveway jewelry in my home state of Michigan. They spend a ton of money on chrome and only ride like 500 miles in a season. lol.
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    I dunno, alot of Harley Riders buy Harley's cause they wanna be bikers, how do you tell them apart?....... Pull up to a bar with five Harley's in the parking lot, walk inside and see thirty five bikers at the bar.

    Alot of Harley riders dress and look the same no matter what they are driving, car, truck, bike, whatever. I can honestly say since I started riding in 1966 I have never one time put my riding leather jacket on, climbed in the truck and went someplace.........

    Now who's the WannaB's?
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    I'd rather sit on my Yamaha and ride then wait on my Harley to come out of the shop.
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    Well put Psychosaint.¿ My first bike was a used was my starter.¿ When it was time to buy new, I did a lot of research and test drives...yes, even¿tested a couple of¿harleys....and I decided, for many of my own personal reasons, to purchase a "jap" bike.¿ Along with the history lesson there's something else to remember.¿ Everyone has their own tastes/favorites when it comes to their ride, but no one should be condemned because they don't follow the rest of the herd.¿ Despite the fact of her ignorance, if I saw she was in trouble on the side of the road, even though she may not take it because I don't ride a harley, I'd stop to offer Ms. Katy a hand.¿ Not because she rides a harley, but because she is a fellow rider.¿ I've always heard it said, it doesn't matter what you ride, as long as you get out there and do it.¿ Obviously she has lost sight of true brother/sisterhood.¿ Actually, she probably never had it.

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    I ride year round rain or shine and i hate to say this but most HD riders are wantabes .
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    I want to be a biker so bad I dream about motorcycles - I have my permit - just need to learn how to ride and be the best I can be.

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    Ok see this really irks me, I have a couple of bikes, and yeah, ones a Harley. But my god people, Harley is not the be all end all of bikes. I'd rather be on my Triumph than my Harley for a long ride. And if I get another bike it will probably be an excelsior. Don't get me wrong, Harley is a great bike.But they aren't and never have been the only American made bike, and they have never been the technology leader. They had some great contract breaks, and the U.S. government saved their butt from going under when they couldn't compete. They make way more money off accessories than they do bikes. If you want American bikes through history you've got Harley, Indian, Excelsior Henderson, Victory, Ridley, more independent builders of customs than you can shake a stick at. And that's only a scrape off the top. Before the Japanese invasion, Brit Bikes were really popular here, and happen to make some of the best old choppers that were ever out, with the likes of Norton, BSA, Triumph, and Vincent, all really good bikes and theyP were welcomed here by the bikers of the time because they had been riding those bike over seas during the war and found them to be very good bikes, as well as the fact that were accepted because they were being built by our allies and the people we cared enough about for our men to offer their lives. SO before you down a brother for not riding a Harly just because it's not a Harley, do a little home work, educate yourself, try a new ride. Pick your scooter for a reason besides T shirt sales. And Respect the next Persons choice as well, Because I'll tell ya what that big ol heavy Harley, aint always the funnest bike to ride. And if you take into account some of the bikes Harley is putting out now, you may as well go and get a Brit bike instead of that sportster R, or a Jap machine instead of the V rod,and that passenger seat on the Rocket is about the most god awful thing I have ever seen done to a bike.
    SO in closing I don't guess you and I will be going out any time soon.