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    lots of biker wave as we pass. i noticed many differant waves. open handed, pointing, up , down just to name a few. does the type of wave mean anything or is it just whatever doesn't make the wavee feel stupid. mostly i'm wondering if there's one that means speed trap ahead. thanks
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    Well I'm glad to know there's at least some riders out there who still know what hand signals mean!

    Taz is correct for the cops-speed trap sign.

    mdamotocycle is right to flash lights, but with most bikes you can't do that anymore - but use a palm down rather than a point.

    Eye_m_no_angel described the most respectful gesture from days of old.

    lilspitfire63, We don't do more than two fingers up off the grip sometimes because we're busy with thoughts elsewhere and didn't see it in time.

    Pointing to the ground means watch out- the road is slick or something laying in it. (whether your meeting or riding with another)

    Arm down is slowing or stopping.

    Hand out to the left means left turn... why do so many people signal for a left turn when they're in the left lane on an interstate?
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    Interesting. I've been riding since 1970. I started in Pgh. PA and have lived and ridin in many other states. Now I am in Northern Cal. I've always used the point done meaning "keep the rubber side down" sort of a good luck jester. The arm down almost at your side is easier due to the wind resistance so that is why I think almost all "waves" seem to be arm down.
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    Types of waves don't matter as much as intent. Let's face it - all we are is moving targets out there. A simple wave or even a nod from someone going in the opposite direction just kinda serves as an acknowledgment that we're all in this together, and what kind of two wheels ya got under ya don't matter. True, I don't care much for sports bike wheelie and stoppie crap - but anyone not in a cage is out there taking a chance with their life - same as me. And as long as they're not doing stupid crap to get me killed, I'm gonna at least send em a wave and some kudos for being in the wind.

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  • View author's info Posted on May 11, 2007 at 03:58 PM

    well i did learn one "wave" that makes others frown. no not a 1 finger wave but thumb to nose and move fingers like playing a trumpet.
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    In Oz, generally we just give a tilt of our head........

    Bdel, so this is where you been?????
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    what do ya do at Sturgis....Just leave your stupid arm out all day??? Its bull
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    I don't wave and I never have. I know people sure like to wave. It seems like a new thing that's been going on for the past 5 years or so. Becides, these people that wave at me I don't even know.
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    Sometimes bikers don't wave back. Here are some reasons why

    Harley Riders

    10. Afraid it will invalidate warranty.
    9. Leather and studs make it too heavy to raise arm.
    8. Refuse to wave to anyone whose bike is already paid for.
    7. Afraid to let go of handlebars because they might vibrate off.
    6. Wind would blow scabs off the new tattoos.
    5. Angry because just took out second mortgage to pay luxury tax on new Harley.
    4. Just discovered the fine print in owner's manual and realized H-D is partially owned by Honda.
    3. Can't tell if other riders are waving or just covering their ears like everyone else.
    2. Remembers the last time a Harley rider waved back, he impaled his hand on spiked helmet.
    1. They're too tired from spending hours polishing all that chrome to lift their arms.

    SportBike Riders

    10. They have not been riding long enough to know they're supposed to.
    9. They're going too fast to have time enough to register the movement and respond.
    8. You weren't wearing bright enough gear.
    7. If they stick their arm out going that fast they'll rip it out of the socket.
    6. They're too busy doing wheelies to notice
    5. They don't want to unbalance themselves while standing on the tank.
    4. Their skin tight-Kevlar-leather suits prevent any position other than fetal.
    3. Raising an arm allows bugs into the armholes of their tank tops.
    2. Its too hard to do one-handed stoppies.
    1. They were too busy slipping their flip-flop back on.

    BMW Riders

    10. New Aerostich suit too stiff to raise arm.
    9. Removing a hand from the bars is considered "bad form."
    8. Your bike isn't weird enough looking to justify acknowledgement.
    7. Too sore from an 800-mile day on a stock "comfort" seat.
    6. Too busy programming the GPS, listening to XM, or talking on the cell phone.
    5. He's an Iron Butt rider and you're not!
    4. Wires from Gerbings is too short.
    3. You're not riding the "right kind" of BMW.
    2. You haven't been properly introduced.
    1. Afraid it will be misinterpreted as a friendly gesture.
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    When we ride and see a fuzz trap, we pat the top of our head, hat , doo rag several times then give the slow down sign.

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  • View author's info Posted on Jan 08, 2007 at 02:52 AM

    A wave is a wave. Don't matter what brand of bike you ride, it's all the same wind.
  • View author's info Posted on Dec 31, 2006 at 09:44 PM

    Here in the uk the bikers wave doesnt really exist in the form of a wave it exists as the term the "let on" when you do the afformentioned "let on" i.e. you let onto another rider its a simple exagerated wink manouver or twisty nod of the head as my friend puts it and it dont matter wether its a small scooter or a sports bike they all seem to "let on" to each other BIKERS REALLY SHOULD RULE THE EARTH!!we rock
  • View author's info Posted on Sep 08, 2006 at 05:50 AM

    Back in the 70's when I first started riding the wave was kind of like a black power salute, forearm upright and fist high, but you'd roll your hand into the fist, almost as if you were twisting a throttle. Yeah, right on, Brother. We're bikers, Uh-huh.

    Now, around here, it's a subtle open hand out to the side, low and slow. Yeah, we're bikers. We're laid back and smoooooth.

    Actually, I've started using an arm straight out to the side with a closed fist, kinda like bumping knuckles. I was surprised the other day when someone waved at me like that! Yeah! Bikers! Rock on, Bro!
  • View author's info Posted on Jul 25, 2006 at 11:40 AM

    I've always considered the wave as a sign of respect and that in truth it means "I see you". And if I can see you and your bike, by George those cagers ought to be able to.

    As to speed traps and animals in the road, I usually use the group ride 'slow down" method. I'll pump my arm up and down.
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    I noticed I do different waves.
    If it a large group coming it is low and relaxed. If it is a small group it is more out.
    The thing that makes me laugh and I have been there is the little wave you get from a new rider, they are to scared to take their hand off the grip. So you get one or two fingers up. lol
  • View author's info Posted on Jul 10, 2006 at 10:17 PM

    For speed traps i pass i point down
    at the road after flashing my lights.
  • View author's info Posted on Jul 10, 2006 at 08:12 AM

    I wave just to be friendly. Don't ever think about the type of wave, just as long as if there is a wave. Some riders do, some don't. Not a big deal to me.