New to the Life. Biker wanna be

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    as far as I can remember - - I wanted to be apart of something. Something more then myself. Understand. Forget the Army, and the street gangs. I wanted to be a biker. I realise that now. When I see a biker, I see freedom - intimadation - and a close comunity of people. I rode on a bike once, unfortenatly it was a Ninja bike. But MAN!!!!! Did I feel alive. I want a street bike a Harley damnet. I want to travel, drive in packs. Be free. I have no ties, or bonds to hold me down. No kids, I got work, but hell I can pick up work were ever. I'm new to this site, and would like to meet people from all over, especially Florida cuz that's were I want to relocate to. I need peoples input. Thanks for your time, and ride Free brothers, and sisters.
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    Hi Rookie,

    My input would be to get a bike that you will probably grow out of in a couple of years. It will be a good learning experience and you will find out more about what kind of bike to grow up into. I started on a Kawasaki 250, then moved up to 750 Shadow, then a 1400 Intruder, and finally a HD Electra Glide. I still have the Intruder... I like the classical chopper style, but not too much rake on the front.

    Probably start out with a used 750... don't try to take on a 1000 or larger bike your first one. Met a girl in Portland Oregon who traded up to a Road King.. dumped it twice in the first month of owning it.

    Also, about the "family" part. Yes, I talk with other bikers some, but for me I would rather be by myself or with one other biker when I go out for long multi-day rides. I don't like to be in packs much, but that is my preference. If you want to ride in a group, look at local bike clubs and see where you fit in.

    Good luck and keep the rubber side down...
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    Well Rookierider if you don't have a bike yet the longer you wait the more you will regret that you waited. I waited 30 yrs and spend everyday making up for lost time. It does not take long to get the hang of it and your right we do travel in pack and the rides are the greated fun you can find on a weekend for all good causes. I rode alonne for about the fist 3 months then went on a poker run and meet great people and every biker bar or places bikers hang out you will meet a friend. Bike people are great people and always looking for friends to ride...

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    Get a bike and start riding.. If you can't afford a Harley (I guess that is what your after). Get something else, but get to riding. It's easy to look at pictures or movies and say I want to do that. Life is a learning experience, bikers can spot beginners from a mile off. Most bikers don't care as much about what you ride, as much as how you ride and how you conduct yourself... that takes time it doesn't happen overnight.

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    It's not something you join . It's not a comic book fantasy or an Easyrider(the movie) clone . It's alot of things you may not think. It often involves having a family , 9-5 job , kids , mortgage and all the other crap . There is no typical when it comes to bikers . You don't join , you become and you evolve . I've owned almost every brand and in the end you ride what you like. I judge the person on the bike not by the brand name on the tank but by their character . In these days of multi-national companies the bike manufacturers source parts from all over the world. My Triumph is mostly made in Thailand for example but that doesn't make it any less of a great bike . My mates FXR has wheels & rocker boxes from Australia , Japanese brakes/suspension/electrics & much more , Taiwanese parts , Chinese parts and in fact has more parts made outside the USA then are made inside. Doesn't make it any less of a bike.

    So , a simple piece of advice from a bloke thats been riding for 23 years is to drop the attitude , grow up some , learn to walk before you run and if you really want to ride without all the rubbish then do so.